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  1. @Kibbelz Thanks for the update. QOL Suggestion: Right now the boss loot order is off. Not sure how big of a change this would be, but I think if you can rearrange the order of the boss loot Paralyze/Imbued Weapon > Dazzling Box > Shining / Runestone Box > Paragon Stone > Weapon / Equipment Box > Manastones. Idealistically, my previous suggestion of making the boss loot Paralyze / Imbued > Dazzling > Random Item Box (Shining/Ultimate Manastone/Paragon stone/Equipment Box) that everyone gets, would encourage more cooperation. There's always in-faction
  2. It's just phases. Ups and downs. I'll admit that there's no way Elyos would probably get world bosses if it wasn't a cross server effort, because of inner faction drama on DN-E. But like you said, you're burnt out and the value of sharing loot with lots of people isn't appealing, but Elyos do it anyways. Then you have Pure Punishment that'll actually sit and camp Anomos, and more power to them, but most people honestly don't care as much. @Loki @Kibbelz offered some suggestions above on how to improve bosses. I hope you actually take them into considerations.
  3. Yeah there were plenty. Like I said, however, the difference now is that Elyos are working together while Asmos are not. Asmos still dominate KT sieges pretty hard last time I went too. So it's really not a population issue, but a how fast can you form and burn the boss issue.
  4. Asmos have numbers, they just don't all get along. I've been told that DN-A gets roughly 60-80 asmos for their Veille kills (DN-E haven't killed Masterius). Even yesterday, one DN-A legion tried to do a world boss with 20 people. This isn't an issue about numbers, but an issue about your faction actually working together. But in a serious note, I think a good change for world boss would be: 1. Keep Para Weapon / Dazzling as they are 2. Make a box that everyone can loot that has a chance to give shining gem box, demaha box, paragon stone, or an ultimate stone. That way
  5. Yeah, so I was close. Though I'm pretty sure I lost 6% and not 5.
  6. Well if it's 650K FEXP across the board, 6% at level 9 could be 10% level 8 and maybe 60% level 4. Haven't done the math though.
  7. My level 9 in Ingisson was reduced by 6% with is about 675k FEXP. Assuming that's across the board, here's some math. Ingisson Dailies give you 9,188 FEXP. Weeklies give you 163,596 FEXP. So as long you do your weeklies, you should come out positive. Net 513,290 FEXP (about a 5% gain at lvl 9). Red Katalam All quest gives you 65,438 FEXP. So as long as you do the Daily Kill quests, you should come out positive. Net 656,960 (about 6% gain at lvl 9). Demaha This one is less lenient. Daily mob killing quest gives you 22,522 FEXP. Weeklies give you 62,322 FEXP. So doing
  8. It say through combination though?
  9. Keep in mind the winning vote right now is doubling over altars on Sundays.
  10. Aly is right though. You can do 11 quests without triggering hard mode first boss.
  11. @Cyan Isn't it kind of silly to be adding Harvester stuff into P2W already? Groups are just NOW accomplishing actually downing the instances and participating in content, but now no one will want to do it because why do the work when you can just get it from event/games instead? How about instead of giving away gear that is going to inflate our market even more, put some chronos stone bundles in the events to help everyone! Just saying.
  12. This is interesting timing. The method seems faulty though. I personally have only been in Fallen Poeta once way back when it released, just to try it. Luckily I wasn't affected, but my account that has never stepped in FP at all gets a warning. Lol. If you're going to implement bans or warnings, please make sure that your process isn't flawed. Especially RIGHT before mergers.
  13. The issue really is... and CPD has said it several times already. He deems GP values as a non-factor and there's a lot of people that have worked hard to obtain the GP (crazy amounts) they have. It may not have achievement value to you CPD because you're up to just giving it up. I understand that the difference in BR vs IS / SL is pretty great, but sometimes you have to accept that. But people have their opinions. So let it be.
  14. You're speaking for yourself here. Erasing a large number aka resetting the GP is a punishment for people who have played for a long time. The veteran players. Say person X played for 4 years and has a lot of GP, not because they farm GP nonstop, but because they spent the time and effort. Then person Y earns 3x more GP daily because they have the time and resources. Person X will have to endure another 4-6 years to maybe even hope of retaining the GP rank they previously had. Make sense?
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