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  1. Site update: - US section of the database was updated to the version 7.0.
  2. Thanks, @Konkers-EK! What about the mouseclick/aiondb? They had great calculators last time I checked. That's why I didn't bother to make them on my site.
  3. Site update: - US section of the database was updated to the version 6.5.
  4. Site update: - US section of the database was updated up to the version 6.2.
  5. All types of traditional crafting were removed entirely in 6.x. As well as gathering. They still have the recipes in the client, but they are not available anymore in the game. Luna shop recipes were cut down from 7k recipes to a little more than 200 recipes. What hit me personally is that all types of scrolls (attack speed/running speed/casting speed) were removed as well and you basically don't get ANY compensation for them. So be sure to not have big stacks of scrolls on your characters/warehouse, when the update comes to the west.
  6. Ha-ha, thank you mate! The site engine is now ready to 6.x. So as soon as the 6.x update hits the NA/EU, i'll update the respective sections as well.
  7. Site update: - Russian, Japanese and Taiwanese sections of the database updated up to the version 6.2. - Korean section updated up to the version 6.5. - Added the "Added in patch" sub menus for Items and Quests.
  8. I've made a few changes. @Azeriah-KT Can you try to access the server again?
  9. Thanks. It doesn't shows any useful data though. No request ID, nothing. I'll investigate more from my end.
  10. I understand your concern regarding your IP address. Could you at least share with me the error screen you are getting? It should contain some session related data, which will help me to identify the problem. There were no downtimes for the site during this week, so there is a clearly some routing problem between you and the server.
  11. Thank you for letting me know about this! The ddos attack is still ongoing and even though it's usually subdued by the protection, sometimes the 502 error pops up for a short time. Please write me in PM the IP address from which you are trying to access the site and the day/time when you've encountered or will encounter this problem.This will help me to fine tune the protection to avoid such problems in the future.
  12. Site update: - US section of the database was updated up to latest version of the game.
  13. I'm very glad to hear that! Thank you for letting me know, that the problem is solved on your end.
  14. I've used the Latvian VPN and saw this problem myself. Even got some 502 errors from the cloudfare. So the problem is definitely related to your IP address. I've flushed some IP blocklists, which were applied during the ddos attack and the site began to work normally on Latvian IP. Please let me know if the problem still exists on your end.
  15. My only guess here is since Cloudfare doesn't have their servers in Latvia, it routs you via some remote/slow server maybe. If you don't mind, we can test it, please write me in the Discord (Kiriak#5590) and we'll try to figure it out.
  16. If you are talking about the old one, yes. The new http://aioncodex.com is up to date.
  17. Same here. The site loads quite fast for me. Which browser are you using? Maybe it's cloudfare's thing though.Are you located in the US? Also, do what do you see while the site is loading? Can you upload some screenshots of the pages with errors?
  18. There was a ddos attack on the site for almost two weeks. It's fixed now. I've explained everything regarding that message in this (very long) Reddit post if you are interested. As you can see, almost 3 months have passed and there were no updates to the old site.
  19. You welcome! I've just forgot to add this feature back after the recent site engine rewrite and one guy reminded me about it. Please let me know, if i've forgot add back any of previously existing features.
  20. Site update: - US section of the database was updated up to version 5.8.
  21. I just didn't updated the images of the gear for a while. The whole process of making those images was quite complicated and it's only possible to do manually. I'm certainly not planning to redo all images from the beginning, but i'll take a look if i can find a way to make them for the new gear.
  22. I understand how you feel and i hate those ugly ads myself! The situation with ads is following. I have a main ad provider, which shows good quality ads but, mostly for NA/EU regions. For all other countries, i'm using the Google Adsense as a filler. And those bad ads are usually come from google, when the main ad provider finds no good ads to show. Unfortunately, due to the change of the domain names, my main ad provider has to build the ad portfolio again from nothing by approving my sites in the various ad networks. This process takes some time usually and now, during the holidays, it
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