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  1. @Cyan @Hime: Sunayaka Weapon Pieces bug

    I can see people with their complete weapon but I still haven't gotten mine >.<
  2. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    i'm with you
  3. So, i got warned because i just posted a proof/link of the new exploit that is making people rich by hacking beein' sold for some programmers. Theres a script that allows lv.53-60 elyos charaters to farm large ammounts of kinah real fast, in just a few hours. This info leaked to surface real fast, even BRs are doing it now... But most people want to keep it secret so NCsot don't put an end on it. Please NCsoft, don't be slow like you was with Illuminary Obelisk and Fallen Poeta. Fix it now. Since I can't post the proof here again, just do it! You know where they're doing it.
  4. So, people figured out a new exploit that favors only elyos and you can farm 200m-300m a day, per character, every day. Some people is selling this information so that don't spread fast. But didn't worked, lots of people already know how to exploit and farm