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  1. 6 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    @Memelluko-EK Okay. I understand. But I really want you to understand the position of those of us on KT and DN. A server merge requires a complete restart for everyone on that server. People lose their names. They lose their properties. They lose their ranks. Their economy is thrown into disarray. It is a terrible terrible experience. I have been threw it many many times and I hope that I never have to again. So many of us here on the forums warned against starting a new server with 6.x. We begged NCWest to be smart about this and not to go for the quick cash grab and to consider the long term health of the game. They didn't listen.

    Your server was a mistake.

    Yes. It is empty now, just as predicted. Something needs to happen. What we want is a solution that doesn't harm the players on DN and KT. That would either be some form of transfer.. either by choice or forced. 

    Yes, it was really a mistake.
    I did not go through the merge process so I did not have that experience, and in this way I understand the fear of repeating it, so I believe it would be best to open the transfer only to the exit of EK and with a closing of the same at the end.

  2. 1 hour ago, Kubei-DN said:

    Allowing transfers to EK would eventually render the server useless knowing there'd be people from KT/DN with gears (or compensation gear) wrecking everybody with ease, it's what happened with Beritra, it's what happened with Kahrun, and it'll keep on happening. If they do that, EK will collapse completely.


    14 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    You wanted a "clean" server with no compensation gear and now you want people with compensation gear to transfer in? That's actually funny.

    @Cyan.. please. No merge. Please please please don't throw the older servers into chaos over NCWest's mistake of opening EK. Please consider one of two options. Allowing everyone on EK to transfer for free to DN or KT or (preferably.. as it would help with numbers balance) force transfer all the Elyos to DN and all the Asmodians to KT.


    I may have expressed myself wrongly, but that's exactly what I'm wanting, to leave EK for the other servers, or a merge, not the other, of the other servers for the EK.

    the solution of dividing the races would also be great, it would be a way to balance sending Asmo to the KT and Elyos to the DN.

  3. @Cyan

    we know that the EK server is new, but I believe that it is necessary to evaluate if it is worthwhile to continue with it, it is clearly the large number of players who left the server which is leaving this server empty and deserted.
    please check the possibility of Merge or transfer to the EK. clearly the most functional would be the merge.

  4. On 01/01/2019 at 1:30 AM, Gwin-DN said:

    Forget it. Nobody cares more.


    On 29/12/2018 at 6:42 PM, 17s48D51-KT said:

    We all know whats gonna happen...

    it is necessary and important to try, we can not simply accept all of this without at least expressing our indignation, or we will continue to be treated in this way, after all, the one who is silent is because he is not bothered.

  5. On 27/12/2018 at 4:09 PM, Valse-KT said:

    Since gear is always gonna be temporary I invested in going +9 before getting better gear so I also have Word of Life and Splash Swing socketed

    I am thinking of investing in the enchant of stigmas, what do you have to say of the enchant's rate? Is it equal, better or worse than the gear rate? How did you do it?

  6. I believe that more effective than talking to the CEO of NCWest (who I'm sure knows all that is happening) would be to show our revulsion and discontent to NCSoft (KR) because as a Developer, it can take some action through mismanagement your Product by NCWest and force a change or change of distributor.

    I support a petition for NCSoft (KR)

  7. It is simple to understand this situation, in the old servers, the players still think of abandoning because of the work they had to get where they are today, it was years, money was invested (but still, many are abandoning).
    The opposite of EK, where for being a new server, there is not much to lose, so if you do not have a great link, you can easily leave without feeling.
    The problem is that this causes the server to go into a process of extinction, the NCWest in turn, if they intend to launch this server and need to pay attention to it.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Harpz-DN said:

    You keep getting the ancient chest and it will always give you the same skill. You need the legendary chest to get different skills.

    but can I get the legendary chest in COE? or will I only take the Ancient chest and therefore the same skill?

  9. Hello!!!

    I have learned that it is only possible to get a Daevanion Skill from each instance.
    that is ... regardless of how many times I find Shugo in COE, I will always receive the same Daevanion skill. Is that correct?
    would you have a list of which skill equates to each instance?

    I am chanter and I got the skill Resonating Dance  ch_sonicgenoside_custom_a.png   in COE



    15 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    Here you have all the benefits, you can check the links to see exactly wich items you can get:

    - 1 Daily chest with a random reward  check ''Contains'' tab  Prestige_Case

    -Access to an exclusive token ''Prestige Coin'' wich is a world drop from any mob and a chest with coins and candies from instances bosses, with this coin you can get consumables, skins, permanent mounts, and the best tittle in game so far that i know, check ''sells item'' tab  Prestige_Society_Vending_Machine

    -Access to exclusive Quests reworked to 6.2 content, from what i heard they are going to be quite decent (Not yet available will come in a few weeks)

    - A really Good undispellable buff available to all your toons

    - Some buffs  AP, Exp, Drop, GP.

    -Extra entries to almost all instances





    Thanks so much!!!

    I'm starting to think it's a good idea.

  11. Since we are talking about the Prestige Pass, I would like to know of someone who has taken advantage of this patch, if possible, send print of the rewards.
    I am interested in acquiring but I doubt if it is advantageous


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