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  1. Aww that's unfortunate. I already made a character I'm quite attached to on KT, is there any way to switch servers?
  2. New player here, wondering if there is any kind of an rping community in aion?
  3. Hi, i'm a new player (legitimately new, not a returning player) and I have a level 48 Elyos SW character. I'm in the "peicing the memory" quest and I'm at the part where it requires me to find lazuli, Black stone of ember, and a manastone +50. I have the other two items but the manastone has me stuck. I used to have a bunch of manastone ores that I accumulated over the course of the campaign thus far but I got rid of them thinking they were not useful like an idiot not knowing of how valuable they really were. So here I am, I'm stuck and I have no idea on where to even get manastone ore. I
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