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  1. Just wanted to let you know, before 6.0... I easily spent $100 per month on Aion for 9 YEARs. Almost kept every NCoin card just as reminder not to spend TOO much. Since NCSoft never found a way to compensate mistakes like leaving AP gear in pet holder or taking away the ability for some characters to wear leather AFTER SPENDING MANY enchant stones to get it to a compensate lvl like NCSoft told us too without telling us about restrictions... I have spent about $100 total in a YEAR... That's $1200 per year for 9 years. While that may not be a lot for some... that's still $10,800 you wont be gett
  2. 250,000,000 kinah for just being on a bad server or bad choice to create new server??... How about 250,000,000 for the rest of us!!! Getting that much kinah is very hard nowadays without kinah buying... you dont want us to do that right?
  3. This is pure BS for chanters... as soon as we get on Ranger, AT, SM, GLAD, Cleric, Sorc, & SW level of dps after 9 years of being gimp by everyone... they nerf us. Cleric gain a 1500+ buff in magic attack and we get spit on again. Said it once and say it again... clerics should not have so much dps & ability to full heal, & ...if they do then so should chanters in the PHYSICAL aspect if clerics do it from the MAGIC side. NCSoft DEVs you'er just knocked in the head and have no sense of balanced play.
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