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  1. 1.) You don't have to wear it 2.) Yah we don't have 6.0 yet. Not even an eta for that patch. 3.) Yes. Aion right now is trying to get you to endgame as fast as possible. At that point, mob difficulty jumps a lot in certain instances and you need to get actual gear. pvp will also not be easy at all.
  2. There's no point in using it for me. I know where my skills are and the time it takes me to use them is the same as if they were on one button because of attack and casting speed. It makes combat a tad more engaging to move around more. And like Byros said, they don't always work great.
  3. What, exactly, is your gear and mb/ma? If you want to pvp your weapon should be a main focus atm and not +0. You're going to want a good combo. To be honest though as a returning player it's not going to be easy to pvp for a bit. The people who you are encountering in pvp are more than likely completely geared for it.
  4. You get less exp in a group because it is shared among the members. The buff is more for when you have to be in a group anyway, it's just something extra. But don't be discouraged! Aion is a relatively solo game until 65+ because then you start to meet people through sieges, everyday dungeon runs, events, etc... At low levels everyone is just focusing on leveling and no one really stays at the same pace or place. Like the above person said, pvp doesn't happen at low levels because of the fast track server and no one duels because no one has gear. At endgame you won't have trouble finding
  5. I'm a little nervous about how they're going to deal with songweavers, because when they nerfed gunners (which was needed, yes) everyone stopped playing that class, and if that happens with people leaving songweavers we could have a problem with mana. I feel like NCsoft should focus on songweaver's defense and cc skills rather than trying to lower their damage. (or, ya know, change mana to how it used to be so everyone isn't so reliant on songweavers)
  6. Is Kumuki's Daring Rescue not the one we just had where you had to get all the keys? What does special rotating mean?
  7. There's not really anything special about songweaver. There are no special weapon combinations or anything like weaving. The best I can recommend is attack speed harps and gloves (some argue its not necessary but I definitely notice a difference) and try to make up a skill rotation that prevents a cool-down pause. Don't ignore pulse, it's good for in-between skills. Except in PvP, then you can ignore it. I haven't done PvP since i came back from a break, but it's pretty basic also. Stack DoTs over your silence, sleep them, hit them. Aside from that just get the highest MB and MA you can.
  8. Currently I'm using +15 Sophisticated harp fused with 75ap harp. What combinations do you guys use? I would like to get a Harvester harp, but I don't know what to combine it with that has attack speed. Also, how does sophisticated gear compare to other gear like Asherion and Harvester? Also I know I made this post about songweaver but someone told me Apollon gear would be best for healing for my cleric, is that true?
  9. Thank you! I don't usually look at comments of of the maintenance post and I didn't know it was a bug so I didn't check
  10. The announcement said the cake buff would end on the 27th, but nothing was said about the 100% exp buff except that it would "last for the duration of Daevas's Day events" . The post also said the events ended on October 4th. Was I the only person who assumed we would have the 100% for this week too?
  11. Holy crap, exactly what I wanted: broken crystal balls! NCsoft ffs
  12. In my opinion, if they cared enough to ban people for doing it, they would have put more restrictions on who could transfer instead of making it free to everyone. They just don't want you to because it was only made free for the people who would have conflicts and shouldn't have to pay for something that wasn't their fault.
  13. Yikes, have you contacted support yet? If that doesn't work, well... I hope you like your new server
  14. I'm assuming they're going to make them skins like the stormbringer circlet.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7Msrx3yS7I
  16. There's two things I want so badly right now 1.) That sheep mount. I would pay so much money i love him 2.) I would love to see some motion cards that were element based. Like firebending or earthbending.
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