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  1. Sluttering, lag and other issues

    My current laptop is older and I have zero issues. With that being said, here’s a few things I would try: 1. Repair the Game Client- it’s possible you had a bad install with some damaged files. 2. Make sure you don’t have any 3rd party games/apps running in the background. It’s possible something is eating up all your RAM/video memory which you’re unaware of. 3. Uninstall/reinstall 4. Put in a ticket. Absolute last resort since they probably won’t do anything. Wouldn’t hurt to ask. Also check your connection. Wired/wiresless. Especially if your ping is really high. You could have a bad connection to the servers. All else fails, reboot/troubleshoot your router/modem. The graphics card shouldn’t be an issue, but change it back to the default one on your laptop and see if it works better. Just process of elimination. Hope this helps.
  2. Aion Dead?

    The only low level instances people run anymore are FT, NTC and Besh. Adma and TLabs sometimes. And even then it’s just a duo/trio run for xp and the repeatable quests. Plus with the fledgling gear you get at level 10, nobody needs gear anymore until 65.
  3. What to do after lvl 68+?

    Honestly just do siege every night and make sure to complete all the quests. Easiest way.

    Would like to know as well. Been trying for almost 2 weeks