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  1. As long as the Wave Song and Sea Fest Weapon Skins stay YAY! Can that be confirmed tho? We need weapon skins diversity!
  2. Can we talk 6.0? Will there be updated soon on about what time it will be released? August? Hides...
  3. Seems like i'm not missing much at all trying to catch up to what is going on WTB Aion 2 ASAP!
  4. Thanks CYAN weapon skins for the season!!! ??????
  5. Wait what am I missing? Who hacking on EXP week for what? Hope i link gif right!
  6. All I seen is...."Double EXP will be activated for one week." y'all can have the rest! We need Double EXP all the times, some got alts to level up! Thanks for the double EXP week \o\ ??? /o/
  7. It's time to get creative with character & legion names! It's on again, It's on again woah
  8. Cyan, I asked on Aion Official FB page about the Sea Feast and Wave Song Weapon Skins as event rewards or straight from the BCM. Is there anything the community can do to get it poppin? Maybe all dress up as Asmos and Elyos in front of the Aion NA headquarters in love of Sea Fest and Wave weapon skins? Also when will all weapon skins be available to buy of BCM again including for AetherTechs! Oh and the candy Pureheart & Heartseekers weapon skins...and my friend want the watermelon daggers! Please let the Pureheart & Heartseeker weapon skins be tradeable for all the community can enjoy
  9. I vote for Azphel and Ariel at the moment. If i can think of something else i will add on before the deadline.
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