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  1. Just curious anyone have this issue and know how to fix it? I have trouble clicking on the skill hold and drag it to the bar. I lost it half way or some where along the way from the skills window to the shortcut bar. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you very much everyone. I am most grateful. I will play with it a bit more and will go from there... Bests
  3. Hi, I am recently return to game and kinda like the contents so far but I am only up to level 40ish so there are so much I have not touch or explore yet. Should I go for Sub/Prestige Pack? Or just stay f2p? I heard there are issue with extra slot and with Sub/Prestige you get extra (I do not want to delete any of my toons for room to play Painter and I do like to try Painter (have not tried yet because of no free slot). Of course I can create another account to play that class. BUT my question is that it worth it to Sub/Prestige to play AION in general? Thank you all for your feedb
  4. I met all the requirements but not sure how to get the outfit. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Is that mean I can have a slot to create Vandal and play with it without worrying about deleting one of my toon? Thanks. I think that would be better than making player purchase an additional slot to be able to try out for new class. Black Desert does that to player. They give you a slot when they have new class out so you can create that class and play instead of deleting your other toons to make room.
  6. What should i boost? Thank you I am a newbie at this. So I get reward with food and they are either physical crit or magical. I just want to know what is enchanter skills are based on? are they physical or magical? Can someone point out to me where can i see that on a skill to better understand the class i am playing. Thank you much
  7. I too have the same issue BUT sometime it would not respond and sometime i works. I think the update does effect it because i changed it awhile ago and now I saw ain.bin and aion.bin.old. So I am going the same this time by deleting the old and rename bin to .bin.old. Hopefully it works. Oh yes it works. I am typing this at the same time running it. Thanks again community.
  8. Ah, I am one of those player since start and left shortly after about a year of game. Decided to come back because i missed and because I thought there was going to be something new. How disappointing... Nothing new but broken dream and broken promises. How Sad!!!
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