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  1. On 8/30/2019 at 8:18 AM, KonkersGG-EK said:

    As others have mentioned, the game is totally free to play. Prestige increases your progression by about 35%, though. The extra drop rate and the extra entries to instances are awesome.

    That being said, I'm not using prestige right now and I can already tell that it has slowed my progression. It depends on how hardcore you are. It's working for me right now, but I might renew prestige next month. Will see!

    Thank you very much...  I will keep that in mind.  

  2. Hi, I am recently return to game and kinda like the contents so far but I am only up to level 40ish so there are so much I have not touch or explore yet.  Should I go for Sub/Prestige Pack?  Or just stay f2p?  I heard there are issue with extra slot and with Sub/Prestige you get extra (I do not want to delete any of my toons for room to play Painter and I do like to try Painter (have not tried yet because of no free slot).  Of course I can create another account to play that class.  

    BUT my question is that it worth it to Sub/Prestige to play AION in general?  Thank you all for your feedbacks.

  3. Is that mean I can have a slot to create Vandal and play with it without worrying about deleting one of my toon?  Thanks.

    I think that would be better than making player purchase an additional slot to be able to try out for new class.  

    Black Desert does that to player.  They give you a slot when they have new class out so you can create that class and play instead of deleting your other toons to make room.  

  4.  What should i boost?  Thank you

    I am a newbie at this.  So I get reward with food and they are either physical crit or magical.  I just want to know what is enchanter skills are based on?  are they physical or magical?  Can someone point out to me where can i see that on a skill to better understand the class i am playing.  Thank you much

  5. I too have the same issue BUT sometime it would not respond and sometime i works.  

    I think the update does effect it because i changed it awhile ago and now I saw ain.bin and aion.bin.old.  So I am going the same this time by deleting the old and rename bin to .bin.old.  Hopefully it works.  Oh yes it works.  I am typing this at the same time running it.  Thanks again community.

  6. Ah, I am one of those player since start and left shortly after about a year of game.  Decided to come back because i missed and because I thought there was going to be something new.  How disappointing... Nothing new but broken dream and broken promises. How Sad!!!

  7. 11 hours ago, BananaVibes-KT said:

    That's all very well summed up. Thank you for this relevant post / comparison. I started playing Aion in EU, then after 4 years i re-rolled on NA servers and it felt like i could finally breathe & freely enjoy all aspects of the game without having to worry about getting a monthly GoldPack (or subscription).  I find the Gameforge f2p model to be too restrictive (especially for free players / users) compared to the NA model. The lower ping & the suitable siege schedule were the only things i missed when i moved from EU to NA.

    That is the reason why they do not care much about your opinion because if it no sub and f2p.  Honestly, I prefer the old system of monthly sub but you get content update and there are no such things as  paying to play but i guess that style of playing is dying out or already dead, I suppose.  Oh well.

  8. 3 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    Dunno if it'll help, but you can try going to your NCsoft/Aion/bin64 folder and renaming Aion.bin to Aion.bin.old and see if running the 32bit client will get you through whatever's crashing you in the first zone.


    (easy to undo once you get through the starting area, too)

    Thank you so much.   It seems to work very well so far.  Most grateful.  

  9. Loading is extremely slow and just not response during it or after it and sometime get a bit further as to the character selection screen.  Last night, I noticed that every time I create a new toon it wont let me get pass the character selection.

    Today, I can even get to to finish loading.  This is so weird, yesterday I was playing just fine with wife with newly created toon until few hours later I crashed and then having problem since. 

    I am trying out your tip right now.  Thank you much.

  10. On 8/9/2019 at 3:11 PM, Elsian-DN said:

    NC west is really bad at shutting games down. It is really sad that they have screwed this beautiful game up and practically destroyed the world, but it is no surprise to me... Wild Star, dead... COH, dead.... Tabula Raza, dead. Aion… in the process of being killed They really don't have a good standing of taking care of their clientele which is why EOS, BDO, SWTOR, STO, Tera, and a lot of others are doing much better than NCwest.


    Tabula Raza is dead long ago.  I barely got to know the game.  (sad).  Is Wild Star gone too?  Never liked that game... not sure why.  I guess the same reason I didn't like WOW.  Sorry Wow fan, I am not trying to offend anyone.  I guess I didn't like them because of the graphic.  I love game from NCsoft: lineage 2 and aion.  Just didnt like the fact that they allow players customized too much and distorted the toons.  Just look so weird and not fun any more.  Just mine two cents.

  11. 19 hours ago, Kubei-DN said:

    I would consider it strange to quit a game because of a legion that brought you bad experience. 

    You have to play the game yourself in order to see whether it's "worth it" because that is always very subjective. Had it not been for the awful management, NA would be holding itself fairly well. There's a new class coming out on 21st, so if you wanna wait til then and check out then be my guest, but if not, remember leveling is very fast compared to older days. (You can hit max level in 24 hours if you're dedicated enough).

    PvE is easy, you just do certain instances in order, you get gear, rinse and repeat. This is fairly dreadful because the drop rates for certain parts are bad, meaning some part of the gear just never drops. PvP wise, you buy gear with Genesis Crystals (though I'd suggest to now wait for the new patch), from there you need tons of mats and AP to upgrade, rinse and repeat til you have ultimate +15.

    The most dissatisfying part of the game is the transformation system. You'll see what I mean when you start playing.

    Honestly, over ran by farmers was the problem.  Just rough to complete quests.  Anyway, Thank you so much for everyone kindness by answering my questions.  I will try it out.  Got to delete some toons to free up some room to start over.  Thank you much.  Looking forward to be part of the community again.  Maybe longer this time.

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