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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    And why are we getting lower buffs than EK server got they got +400% XP, +200% Drop, +200% Crafting, and +200% AP I thought you said in one of your previous posts about the server merge that we'd be getting the same buffs as EK server did...?
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Yeah I rather not get gold ingots, I prefer to get the gold ingots i'd be getting turned into kinah please because you literally don't put any way to get kinah in this game the only option you give us is kinah bundles that don't even give us kinah to do anything with like what are we gonna do with 1-2-5-10 mill kinah, like there are no quests you can repeat for kinah either I can't even teleport out of sanctum on some of my characters because i'm so broke from having to pay for soul sickness or having to buy potions or transform scrolls it's pretty ridiculous I can't even enjoy the game because I have no kinah or any way of getting any. NCSOFT you need to do something about this, it needs fixed.
  3. New Server Name Suggestions

    Oh, I honestly did not know that I guess I joined the game right after they did it, still a decent name though for a server if they didn't use it before.
  4. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I Think 4 star officers should also be able to get a title because 5 star officer and all the rest higher up do but 4 star officer ranking show's on the ranking board in game so basically you're giving the title for abyss ranking to 100 people and that's all 5 star officer and up when it really should be 300 people to include the 200 4 star officers that have also been working there asses off for glory points and abyss points since the game came out.
  5. New Server Name Suggestions

    Ereshkigal (siel-BR) Kaisinel (Kahrun-IS-Tiamat) I think this is a good combo.