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  1. It's working on all characters on that server, not sure if it's faction or server thats doing it though
  2. Just wondering if these are intended to be Account collections or faction / server collections. Most people have said it's supposed to be "account", however they are not being applied on both KT E / DN A same account. Curious if it's bugged or intentional; collecting every item in the game for an extra 2 defense is silly as it is, let alone doing once per faction or server or however it's intended
  3. Bug is true, this is probably NC West first attempt at making their own item and not just taking a handout for papa NC KR so it's to be expected Maybe in a week we will get a survey with 1 luna light for the 7x12 luna dailies we missed
  4. This really only seems like an okay idea if it's tied to the "Kill 5 monsters in opposing faction's zone" quest. Might even create some fun smol alt pvp from time to time. Also if rifts are up every hour instead of shifting consistently, but that's a smaller point since renown rifts would be helpful for this. I like the idea of having something active to replace the inactive play of Lunas, but as you're taking away something that takes no effort and replacing it with something that takes effort, the rewards should be greater. Another alternative would, of course,
  5. Yes people "could" acquire an S grade minion through the promotion using all three of their restoration tokens, that would be a shame Almost as bad as these people with the Divine Protection buff from Solar + Lunar event who opened a Lunar box, handed in the quest, restored their box, crafted it into a Solar, opened the solar box and handed their quests in, then used a restoration token to sell the box. Would it be possible to change the policy to only disallow restoration of the Two minion combines? Any combine of four minions will yield the full result, so there is no added benefi
  6. The lunar and solar weapons aren't one time, they're just not available right now. And big workaround with the people using restoration tokens on the boxes after collecting their Q rewards. Bless the support for enabling it.
  7. I mean.. the fact the purple bundles have a good pool of SELECTABLE legendary transforms, including the pixels, which would allow you to get the instant return collection.. Not sure why you'd even be doing it for the ultimate. Instant return outweighs that in the long run by a mile. Irnin and the Apostles are also available and are fairly important for collections as well.
  8. uses an ice cream cone and calls them garbage, makes sense
  9. I don't know why people keep posting for Kibbelz, it's a lost cause if you haven't realized by now, everything we're getting is something that was already planned to be released, slapping a "We're listening to you" sticker on it. Meanwhile in the actual game, all the problems are still there, we have full alliances and legions of people using vanillatool on both sides, transform rates are still pushing players away. The only times we had where PVP might happen a little bit (sieges) were changed so that you're actually behind even further if you decide you want to PVP Pin bu
  10. You want it all @ZhuL-KT ? That explains why you run around using vanillatool and are red ! on everyones DPS meter lool
  11. same thing happened to kibbelz as every other promising CM or forum moderator we've had log in, promise good things, nc says shut up or we fire you, hope is the enemy.
  12. Ya know, you asked for advice, that's the best you can do with what you got. Before I got my Ult Transform I had three transforms on my bar (Siel's Apostle, Kromede, Tahabata) and would swap accordingly for what I was doing, sometimes ten times in a single PVP encounter. It's annoying and a lot of work, but you can do it. You came here asking for advice? Or did you come here to complain? You're miles ahead of what many players have and don't have much room to complain on that subject.
  13. "We recently completed our investigation of SAS, and will be bringing the Instance back online this Wednesday, 7/29. However, we also read much about the experience-related challenges you face in your recent feedback. To provide temporary assistance, we are activating a +200% Experience Bonus (300% total) event beginning on Wednesday. The event will run for three weeks through August 19th, at which point we will reassess." Has the experience issue reassessment begun? Is there any good news? Sun over the dark horizon?
  14. Use Nezekan's Apostle. It will cap out your run speed, the cast speed is very minimal for Songweavers. Yes, you will notice it, but you will move at max speed (assuming you have 5% title and 22% on boots.. If you're not cap you'll be close enough/could just use a panda candy). Attack speed is above and beyond the best thing for you as a SW. Will you be able to compete with Ult Xform DPS? No way, never. But look at the bright side, unlike the cash cow monkeys, you can learn your class before you get the game breaking red boy.
  15. Gambling addiction is real, that being said, online gambling is illegal in most states. Interesting thoughts.
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