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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    uses an ice cream cone and calls them garbage, makes sense
  2. New Launcher but Pin Error not fixed yet?

    I don't know why people keep posting for Kibbelz, it's a lost cause if you haven't realized by now, everything we're getting is something that was already planned to be released, slapping a "We're listening to you" sticker on it. Meanwhile in the actual game, all the problems are still there, we have full alliances and legions of people using vanillatool on both sides, transform rates are still pushing players away. The only times we had where PVP might happen a little bit (sieges) were changed so that you're actually behind even further if you decide you want to PVP Pin bug still exists, bug where you can't change target still exists, bug where you cant enter/exit combat mode (sheath weapon) still exists, Katalam Server will probably bug again today But they're working diligently on it. Don't worry.
  3. Vandal Skill Skin

    You want it all @ZhuL-KT ? That explains why you run around using vanillatool and are red ! on everyones DPS meter lool
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 26, 2020

    same thing happened to kibbelz as every other promising CM or forum moderator we've had log in, promise good things, nc says shut up or we fire you, hope is the enemy.
  5. Game balance

    Ya know, you asked for advice, that's the best you can do with what you got. Before I got my Ult Transform I had three transforms on my bar (Siel's Apostle, Kromede, Tahabata) and would swap accordingly for what I was doing, sometimes ten times in a single PVP encounter. It's annoying and a lot of work, but you can do it. You came here asking for advice? Or did you come here to complain? You're miles ahead of what many players have and don't have much room to complain on that subject.
  6. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    "We recently completed our investigation of SAS, and will be bringing the Instance back online this Wednesday, 7/29. However, we also read much about the experience-related challenges you face in your recent feedback. To provide temporary assistance, we are activating a +200% Experience Bonus (300% total) event beginning on Wednesday. The event will run for three weeks through August 19th, at which point we will reassess." Has the experience issue reassessment begun? Is there any good news? Sun over the dark horizon?
  7. Game balance

    Use Nezekan's Apostle. It will cap out your run speed, the cast speed is very minimal for Songweavers. Yes, you will notice it, but you will move at max speed (assuming you have 5% title and 22% on boots.. If you're not cap you'll be close enough/could just use a panda candy). Attack speed is above and beyond the best thing for you as a SW. Will you be able to compete with Ult Xform DPS? No way, never. But look at the bright side, unlike the cash cow monkeys, you can learn your class before you get the game breaking red boy.
  8. Dont spent Money U$1500 Transformations for Nothing

    Gambling addiction is real, that being said, online gambling is illegal in most states. Interesting thoughts.
  9. platinum cubic bundle update

    please don't do AoA platinum cubics, its the only instance in the game that actually requires you to move around and kind of know what's going on. Cubics would just let people fail mechanics and still kill boss.
  10. @Kibbelz

    where'd he go? turned into the other cm's and just ignores us when there's problems now.
  11. Fort Guard killed before gates during siege

    Not sure you've ever gone through an Elyos Renown rift, but one of them puts you above the Gelk North fort in a spot where you can just glide into the fort. Kind of game breaking honestly @Loki
  12. @Kibbelz

    Now would be a super great time for some of your masterful communication and transparency. Ice Cream event was supposed to end, but ice cream is still dropping Atherforging event was supposed to continue, but is removed Weekly freebies have been changed to once per account, in a really shitty cover up attempt The Class Master buff applies to level 75 and under characters? Why would this even exist? Of course there's all the other issues and bugs and things that are going on also, but we'll get there later...
  13. This is really sad, I almost broke out the wallet for this event but now I think I'll just wait a week until New World Beta opens up. nyerk off.
  14. My favorite part is the "Greater Runestone selection boxes" you get, considering greater isn't high enough grade to yield an Ultimate Transformation bonus, since they only come from the Prime's Act quick and get your free bonus to old transforms you'll never use once you acquire an ultimate
  15. Pingzapper reduce the lag can get banned?

    If they banned people for using ping reducers, this game would have no one left.