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  1. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    OK if you're Asmo we meet gelk circle and Elyos we can meet anywhere you pick
  2. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    sounds like a challenge, I accept. pistol at dawn? 1v1 bro?
  3. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    The compensation would really just help to flood the market with stigma stones, helping the F2P players get theirs cheaper. It's a good idea
  4. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    My compensation has been still getting killed because I'm really bad, then feeling worse about dying because I have fancy glitter stigmas. Not actually complicated to reimburse based on purchased bundles, they have extensive records of all that.
  5. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    Can't edit prvious post anymore so > So the difference between: 20% success (From 9-12 then from 12-15) -- 3 consecutive successes ~~ 1 / (1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5) > 1 / 125 chance for each safe spot. 30% success (From 9-12 then from 12-15) again --- 30% * 30% * 30% ~~ 1 / (3/10 * 3/10 * 3/10) > 1 / 37 chance for each safe spot. This means every player who purchased a bundle of 50 +(15 BCM stigmas) stigma stones from the BCM would have been able to make 1.75 successful attempts at each safe spot. The old rates would have been .52 successful attemps per bundle. Compensate the players who purchased Stigma stone bundles from the BCM instead of the players who used free stones. I don't feel compensation should ever be expected from "free" things not going as planned. However the players spending money ((legally within TOS..**)) should have some form of reward. I threw the numbers in here to show how much of a difference that change will make. Every player who purchased stigma bundles could have had beyond 3x the successful safe spots, and would have only had to purchase 1/3 of the stones in total. Perhaps compensation via stigma stones to those players, or 1/2 of the NCoin spent on Stigma Stone bundles, or even something like 3 [Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle per stigma stone purchased.
  6. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    I agree with the compensation, as long as the stigma enchant stones are tradeable. This will keep the prices of Stigma Stones cheaper for everyone, at least until the influx runs out. Would change it a little bit though and add minor compensation for those with +12's additionally. Personally it would be nice to get some stigmas to help friends with.
  7. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    10 abyssal fragments per character? Being down, we lost the ability to run 25x fragments per character per day; 10 =/= 300 per day?
  8. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    As I'm aware. Thank you for reading. Just don't want it to be forgotten
  9. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    How'd the meeting go? Community is looking for transparency and communication, and as you said "later this week" (now, being last week), an update would be very much welcomed.
  10. Are we going to be able to remotely handin these event quests if we acquire these weapons later? Or is this just another short term pay scam from NC to make sure we are fully invested now so we don't get forked later?
  11. Ping

    have you tried using battleping? pathing to nc servers has been literal garbage since the first server merges that destroyed zikel.
  12. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    I would like to see the ability to skin our transformations with other transformations. What's scarier than a giant Forest Denku charging at you with Kaisinel super speed? What's more fun than being a Pixel power princess with the power of a thousand Marchutans? Honestly we have all these transforms and we never get to use them or show off our sparkles. I suggest a transformation slot in Transformation window for skins; unlockable with Luna (400? I'd even do 1600) permanently to reskin transforms so we could be our favorite (or most comical) transforms, whenever we wanted.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 22, 2020

    The siege times need to be fixed, we have lost more than half participation at sieges with the later times. I'm not sure why we even had the poll to begin with. Is there any way we can get a picture of all the CM's together in person? I think you're all just alts of each other.
  14. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    I would like to see one extra floating hotbar, as well as two additional chat window tabs.
  15. Updated Transformation Contract Bundles?*BCM

    Talk is cheap, outlander.