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  1. Not sure if anyone else has looked at how the event works, and the timing of it, but it's currently not possible to get the Divine Relic Box from it Takes 14 daily hand ins (Ancient Shard to Ancient Insignias), and we only have the event for 12 days because it was released/started late. Why NCsoft do dis to us?
  2. Where can I get this armor?

    the noble daevanion weapon has higher base than the fledgeling so it's better as a primary for physical classes.
  3. I'm a Poll-dancer. (Get it?) This is a poll.

    I'm not sure if it's a brain Gideon lacks, but a heart. Our poor, hurting community. No love, no respect. Let's hope it's at least the "smarter" move for them eh?
  4. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    Yep, I thought not. Two days and multiple responses to other threads as well as viewing of this one and still nothing.
  5. The community will stand strong!

    The community will stand strong, even if Lucimon falls over. No money for NC.
  6. I'm a Poll-dancer. (Get it?) This is a poll.

    Staggering results.
  7. Dont buy temperings and omegas from bcm

    Time for a community-wide chargeback
  8. Aion: Heart of Frost known issues - Management.
  9. details about event buffs and feature items plz

    please show me which law states this. also they said the buffs are here until monday evening at 1159pm.
  10. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    Can you provide us proof of communication regarding the buffs being planned prior to this event? One might assume the lovely management over there is lying to patch the wound of a shitty decision. @Cyan @Hime
  11. Do these makeshift return events and bullshit NCoin items make you happy?
  12. Logical and clean solution

    Daft xxxxxxxxxx
  13. The goals of NC?

    Social experimentation is heavily leading. Oh no.
  14. Clearly that doesn't work. Look at how excellent their business model is working For the record, one billion SKWon is roughly equal to one million USD. Compare this to LoL profits where they only offer cosmetics. Anyone?