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  1. Sin weapon wields in 7.5?

    You better go back to your Temp bro Unleash the powaaaa
  2. I wish i have no life and my mom feed food on my mouth. reality hurts - every grown man have to work.
  3. Stigma safe spots

    Thanks for the info.. will wait and see 7.5
  4. Enchantment is so bad 0.000001 success rate

    You are nuts. you missed the whole point. So, you suggest you will spend 131.25 USD to +15? Good for you man, i ain't gonna spend on that.
  5. Why enchantment is so broken right now? I try to +15 one of my armor from +10, I have wasted 15 legendary stone with 0 success. Our hard work is no longer rewarding, and we all know there is a stone purchase limit which is bullshit. How can we +15 our gears now @Cyan ?
  6. Stigma safe spots

    Thanks for the info hey. I will stop here than, as always it will fail miserably if i attempt to +15 and no kinah for NCsoft (you wallet lovers)
  7. Stigma safe spots

    Can someone tell me if +12 is the safe spot for stigma enchantment? I have +12 stigmas and want to make them +15
  8. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    And this is what we (Elyos) go through every siege, Asmo always get this buff regardless of the 20%/70% influence ratio.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    Where TF is PF/DD Easy and Difficult Mode? EU have this but not in NA? The game is dying.. choking.
  10. Madouk - Hacker

    Guys, if you see Madouk (asmo KT chanter) just run for your life.. hide doesn't work for him... he can see without 'Seeds of Detection'