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  1. wondering if at max lvl glads need to have DW or thats is old news ? and i guess Pole = GSword dmg wise (pole has more attack distance right? what about crit ? and dmg range?)
  2. gez leveling has been frustrating DYING like a stupid in Dragon blood canyon cause agro (u pull like 4 mobs 1 boss and 3 plus whatever is around!) took me like 10 deaths to finish quest after leaving the dungeon now this quest , 8 tries , how i did it? sorc 63 i think , DP 4000 , food , transformation and break the rock fast , and like madman rushed mobs using CDs , and long CD spells used like no tomorrow gez what a bad taste . i wonder how other classes do it , sorc has burst , but what about templar ,chanter , sm , cleric ....better come back at 80 or what? lo
  3. she wanted to roll cleric , and i wanted chanter (it was my main baaaaaaack then) , so i can help her if need some help healing i see that we wont fight for gear (we despise that lol , we played other mmorpgs and we try to avoid that ) i guess there is no combo to duo even "easy" mode dungeons? maybe if i roll glad? glad cleric? or chanter tank ftw! lol
  4. hello! justa a fast question , how the drops work in endgame? we started playing and created a combo of cleric chanter but wondering if this is a mistake since we are going to fight for drops? so my questions is if we duo a dungeon : drops are loot that need to be rolled? or every1 gets a box? that gear on the box is tradeable? just want to duo as far as we can go and then go to 6 man , and dunno if cleric+chanter will be taken (since on 6 dungeons u just need 1 healer?) would be better to roll a dps + cleric? any help appreciated ^^
  5. Exploit protection is part of Windows Defender Exploit Guard. Exploit protection helps protect devices from malware that use exploits to spread and infect. It consists of a number of mitigations that can be applied at either the operating system level, or at the individual app level. basically w10 addind more "walls" for security , but conflict somehow with xigncode and here we are....it will get fixed eventually (again)
  6. renamed it , no longer get the error but the game wont launch
  7. both are bad , but the geared at least played by the "rules" ,and with time and grinding (or $$$) u can be at the same spot , with a hacked u just cant , outside hacking too. 6.0 makes the geared less powerfull , and the gap btw fresh 80 and geared is going to be lessened for a while at least , im sure 6.1 will add new gear and we will be at the same place in 3 patches. With new gear +X enchants and the best transform
  8. seen in some videos for example half of sanctum is blocked , doors closed and whatnot , watch some stream and see it yourself
  9. yup , there is still open zones windstreams and whatnot , but they removed tons of maps , now leveling is a joke the starting zone last 5 min , 3 maps for leveling 10-75..... and the last zone looks like a huge PVPE zone left half is elyos , right side is asmo
  10. in 6.0 i wont care , since leveling u will play mostrly 1 man instance , and another way is to let players go inside dungeons w/o need to be in group
  11. there are leveling in guides in the aion kr web http://aion.plaync.com/guide/home 1-10 11-40 5 maps only , plus main city (that its cut in half btw)
  12. yeah , i use a 2nd client to hold groups so i can solo dungeons
  13. look at the pet like you would look at the classes earth pet : templar , more hp , more def and whatnot fire pet : gladiator , dps and tanky , can lower phy def wind pet : assasin , faster and can stun water pet : sorcerer , nuke from afar now Magma pet is a mix of earth and fire , the Tempest is water and wind. for soloing u will use fire mostly because its tanky enough and can dish out some dps , plus u get fire pets 1 (and get ranks sooner) hard time soloing something? earth pet , enmity swap (stigma) and u will have a personal and durable tank , in dunge
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