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  1. @Loki @Kibbelz Can you please bring back the Shining Gemstone Box on BCM?? Or maybe a Dazzling Gemstone Box too?! Lol
  2. That’s Better vs Dykim. Are gunners really that OP to rekt any class apart easily in 7.7?
  3. @Loki Can someone please verify if mobs in Lakrum still drops the class book for the event and if event survey still deploys after getting the class book? Thanks
  4. @Hime @Kibbelz @Loki i have to admit that i spent $ on buying legendary transformation contracts. I got extra money this month so i have decided to spend $750 on my main account and another $700 on my alt account hoping to get ultimate xform. BUT i got NOTHING!! Heck i got an old legendary xform, not even new ones. So stupid of me to spend money on this BS rng game and you even get nothing rewarding in return. Like what @Falcy-DN said, might as well go through chargebacks and get banned to quit this damn greedy game!!!
  5. I used to support this game. Spent tons of $$$ for this game but i literally stopped playing and spending money anymore until they do something about : 1.) HACKERS 2.) put more ways or events to obtain ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION (i just wish they didn’t remove running, casting and attack speed scrolls) 3.) RNG (enchanting gears to +15 sucks! and so many more... so if NCWest really cares about their players, considering this games is slowly dying, people are leaving one by one and new players are not happy and convinced to try this game then you people should do something abou
  6. @h@Hime For the love of Aion Gods, PLEASE open server transfer! #thanksbye
  7. Farewell Cyan! Thanks for everything and good luck on your new adventure. Soar high fellow Daeva <3
  8. This works well but everytime you logout then log back in, the game will load from 0% and it takes forever.
  9. Wow really NCWest?! Just damn. Very few people farming Tia Eye now. Thanks for ruining this event...again!
  10. I wonder at 5.8 if the armors still class specific? I wish they would remove that so that i can transfer my armors to my SM, Sorc and SW anytime i want...
  11. The black friday sale are all crap! That minion contract is still RNG when u open it and the price is way high. @Cyan i was hoping there’s omega and tempering solution included in the black friday sale but nada...
  12. Aw darn! Maybe i should just sell it or broker it and who knows someone might buy it. Thanks for the tips
  13. Majority agree that 75AP gear is best for MR set, is there much difference between 75AP and 70AP, MR or pvp defense wise? I have 70AP boxes from event in my warehouse inventory covered with dusts, and was planning to use it for my chanter but not sure if it’s worthy...
  14. Does this mean when i transfer my toon, My 1B+ kinah and 29k GP will remain intact?
  15. So if you just wanna run this instance for exp, you just have to kill the x3 Ginseng right? Anyone know how much exp you get per Ginseng?
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