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  1. Trying to make a macro to change my accessories (rings and earrings) and the /Left /Right item name commands aren't working. Any solutions people found to quick change both rings and earrings
  2. hey cyan is this just 6.2 update or are we also getting the new website Hime was talking about
  3. To be fair NCSOFT did delay the start of this event about 2 months to fix major bugs in the instance. so the best you can hope for is a fixed version next time the release the event if they ever do it again. Since the event is only 2 weeks long and they haven't taken it down yet they won't do anything till next time.
  4. Community wise I have made a lot of friends outside of legion will my friends list stay intact and will players names be updated if they choose a new name. on the other hand I have meet a lot of players who have earned a right to be on my ban list that I do not wish to play this game with ever again. Will my ban list be merged and will the players names be updated if they change their names. Storage space I have a lot of items in my mailbox sent by other people or events do I need to claim them before merger or risk losing the items. With everyone losing their estates
  5. 1st off on the main page BR is getting merge 2 times you forgot TM all together. Server names Mookie and Bubblegut
  6. are we getting topic folders for the forums. It looks like all the Class related threads are going into one folder. The pervious forum had a folder for all the classes IE: Temp, Glad, Songweaver if you aren't going to split them it will get messy soon trying to find content. Also on a side note when how do housing and Professions go together. Right now housing is dead but it might start up again when server merges happen.
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