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  1. Thank you Cyan. It's all clear =)
  2. Also regarding the +25 Distorted Sunayaka, I understand that +15 Legendary/Ultimate Zenith/Winged Champion Weapon Set Box and "Choice of two PvP or PvE weapons, one at each of the indicated enchantment levels and rarities." mean that we can get 2 weapons and we can choose if we want 2 PvP, 2 PvE or 1 of each. What I would like to know is if we can also choose if we want two +15 Legendary, two +0 Ultimate or one of each.
  3. @Gideon (hear the community)

    I would put a limit of items in the NPC. For example, 5 omegas or 1 manastone per day.
  4. LUNA: Contaminated Underpath. Crashes and balance.

    I think that godstones are very important in this case. When I try to do this instance with an alter without godstone, it is really hard to get rank S. It depends on which waves you have and how many crystals you get. I generally use blind for the three waves and paralyze for the final boss and it works. I have never tried that with -50% attack speed but it seems a good idea too.
  5. Does it work with league or only for the alliance with the most dps? And the daily quest? Will it be the same? Or will it count for all the league?
  6. Oh, sorry, I haven't seen that Thank you!
  7. Do you know if Sunayaka's respawn hours is Server time or NA time?
  8. exp buff this weekend?

    100% exp buff has already started. Enjoy it!
  9. Question about one point in 5.8 Patch Notes

    Oh, I was completely safe that it was 6 before update. Thank you for clarifying my question =)
  10. Question about one point in 5.8 Patch Notes

    I thought this point was about Iluma/Norsvold invation. But, Minium were 6 before the update, and they are 6 now. Nothing has changed. For that, I'm asking about it.
  11. In 5.8 Heart of Frost Patch Notes, Minions section, point 6, it is said: - Increased the Minium gained from Iluma and Norsvold invasions. I have asked in a ticket, but each answer of these GMs has been shameful. Does anyone know the meaning of it? Thank you.

    For me, Modor is very useful for classes who haven't any teleport. As cleric, I would like to have one, so that, enemies would lose my target. Also, having another dispel is nice. Anyway, in my opinion, I prefer Viola. I think this minion is the most powerful one at highest level. Skill 1 (30s cd): Instantly recovers 800 HP, and restores 800 every 2s for 6s. Skill 2 (3m cd): Uses a transformation skill that boosts you for 30 seconds. Increases Attack by 30%, Magic Boost by 15%, attack speed by 20%,, movement and flight speeds by 20%, healing skill effects by 100%, HP by 5000, and casting time decreases by 20%.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 21, 2018

    As before 5.8 update, I am receiving 6 Minium when I open the Tetran box. Is it an error and I should receive 10 Minium?
  14. If you read last Patch Notes (http://static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_011018.pdf), it is explained in point 2 of "Items" section.
  15. Disconnections, nobody replies in Report A Bug

    I had that problem some months ago, but it disappeared when I formatted my PC.