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  1. SR Lower did in fact have an AT type final boss iirc
  2. 6.0 science in a nutshell: 1.) Balaurea is NOT on the ''Outside'' of the planet. It's on the OUTER EDGE of both halves of Atreia. It's in the parts of the planet were the once strong Aetheric field did not reach. Go in Gelk/Ingg and look at the sky. You'll see the edge of the world and the aether in the sky flowing towards the Tower Of Eternity, fun fact... the tower is slanted in the sky due to the curvature of the planet. Or think of a bowl and in the middle of the bowl is Asmodae/Elysea and where the bowl starts to curve upwards, is Balaurea. 2.) Atreia is Tidal Locked(a real
  3. What..what in the? You sure you're talking about SW the 1-2-3 class right?
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