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  1. @Cyan reconsider reward, do not make this transit failed again, tia eye event we disappoint alot, so as this reward, if you want this reward, let us have same event as korean server 3+ our gears i cant believe bring this reward sheet, do we have same event how korean server? 1.. you guys want all of us put our enchant gears to rubbish so everyone start same (is that reward?) 2. you guys simply not working not even go look up why servers have different reward (come on work you dont get paid for free)
  2. @Cyan it is same as korean server reward which is unfair. i dont know what are you guys do for work, research how korean server did THEY HAD EVENT BRING ENCHANT 3+(for all players), they did that event two times, that is why all other server made different reward ACCORDING how they hold event. NA Aion we never had that kind of event. seems like you guys either not working or you guys want us to thru our enchanted gears.. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JUST COPY AND ATTACH OTHER SERVER REWARD!!
  3. lol how do you know? honestly i didnt know how much it is but $25 is so cheap.
  4. happy new year everyone! i been playing aion since almost 6 years ago and i never stop play longer than 4 month, i really love playing aion i enjoyed so much, also spent alot of money. i think i could've bought a nice luxury cars with that money ^^ no regrets. the main reason i stop playing is the hackers, it is so so unfair BUT so far NCsoft did little to solve problems like that, i still saw all time famous hackers. i believe there are more hackers out there that NCsoft knows about it but do nothing about it. NCSOFT HEAR ME OUT! I SPENT MORE THAN 60K USA DOLLORS
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