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  1. I think KR had event for em, or so im told, but who knows what will happen here. Its really dumb that we cant upgrade from bronze > silver > gold > platinum Atleast if we had that we would have reason to run them.
  2. @Cyan could you please clarify, is it only x3 free from BCM once ? Or x3 for free each week. This event is definitely not what the community had in mind for these trying times we are going through.
  3. Just wait until the other faction is so bored they have to try and spawn more bosses on top of the one you already doing lmao thats always fun
  4. Agreed its literally the same as them all xforming for lakrum GP mobs, BUT WAIT GET THIS, the fort is empty of any elyos lmao. Atleast theres pvp for boxes
  5. Not sure where you are based in aus Im in Victoria, 1pm is altars, 2pm is siege
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