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  1. PayPal = within minutes Debit/credit card = within 24hours Atleast from my experience with buying ncoin/Quna
  2. NOT ONCE Did Ncsoft NA say ANYTHING ABOUT 1.5, idk where this salt is coming from ? You guys believed rumours and tried to compare KR to NA. You literally played yourselves.
  3. Please don't all quit, just level gear and come fight everytime. Obviously easier said that done, but don't give up
  4. also magic crit scrolls for melee.
  5. i wonder if elyos got asmo only ?
  6. guys....candy is elyos only, wtf come on
  7. Private servers had more players then retail before classic came anyways
  8. I thought that might be the case I'm looking for actual confirmation so we can all plan ahead
  9. @Kibbelz Hey mate, just wondering when the pre download will be available for Aion Classic.
  10. I think KR had event for em, or so im told, but who knows what will happen here. Its really dumb that we cant upgrade from bronze > silver > gold > platinum Atleast if we had that we would have reason to run them.
  11. @Cyan could you please clarify, is it only x3 free from BCM once ? Or x3 for free each week. This event is definitely not what the community had in mind for these trying times we are going through.
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