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  1. I get the same in kromedes room sound randomly drops in and out Not to mention send logs that seem to only happen when I run my sorc
  2. Found a video of it. https://youtu.be/0GemTItjXug
  3. @Cyan after seeing lots of posts about supposed "hackers" I loaded into daeva dash and went the door (without picking a class up) You just jump at the door and right click and BAM it opens I'm sure there are some people that hack it via walk through walls and glide hack. But from what I have seen it's just a major bug that you can open the door before the timer ends. @Cyan I don't have software to make a video, but just try it and you will see, or if anyway else here can do it and video to show them. Thank you was a great event lots of fun, lots of loot. Just th
  4. RIP my boat pic guess they didnt like that one hahah i was just playing guys no hate
  5. thank you cyan! shout out to you for being a boss
  6. @Cyan coolbeans Please address current DN server situation
  7. http://rainy.ws/server-status/
  8. @Cyan @Gideon @Hime Also repeatable quest for extra key is broken Do it x5 for key box and get nothing
  9. @Cyan @Gideon @Hime please get this sorted, get it to the devs or whoever it is that fixes this. Don't let this become Tia eye 2.0, this event is so fresh so fun ! We love it but the dc issue is big problem People message support to be told "oh sorry, we don't have scrolls yet, just run it again" so silly considering how much we all already dc from instance servers for zero reason. You provide screenies of the win/loss and dc They could just give us the missed keys.
  10. @CyanActually heart breaking, so many people came back just for this event, the memories the nostalgia. Don't nyerk with drop rates of coins Don't increase cost for omega etc HELP THE ECOMENY DON'T DESTROY IT 100mil plus for omega, need 15 to make sure gear doesn't break, that's 1.5bil for one piece not including sups/manastones/socketing, no wonder people just RMT items and kinah. WE CAN NOT ALL SPEND $100 FOR 50 OMEGA during p2w events. (which is also garbage, 1 for 1 is what it should be at or even 1 for 2) This event is the best since SFT and kumuki, he
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