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  1. if i am not wrong, the quest is one of the yellow ones from guide, the pvp ones, so the windstream needed is the one in demaha near oustpost of victory (elyos base).
  2. It was that hard to make two kind of scroll's? one that transforms you into a poke... those furry and so on beings and other that just gives you a glow color according to the rarity of the scroll... At least that way we can choose.
  3. One thing i'm grateful to game, the best pvp gear you can get is no longer restricted to rank or else elyos would be worse than now, well i do hope the xform thing gets better this patch since "rank now can only be earned in pvp things" (there's lots of high ranks that never goes to siege and if they go is when theres only balaurs). Outside that, this elyo faction is mostly pve, the problem always has been, "i don't want to lose AP", "not a sure victory, so why bother" and so on, incentives will only make elyos DN fall more than they already are (if its possible to fall even more ).
  4. Why do you apologize? in the first place, theres no reason to do that. Players can request to be kicked and get mad, but all depends on the lead if they kick or dont, theres no nothing that force you to quick them just because they say it (speaking about losing EC runs). I did request at the begginging, but I saw that even going random and spamming EC, I can get 3 or 4 good EC runs(sometimes even more) dailiy wich is enough to get fragments to do EC questx4. But theres the other part too, in wich you are kicked from a losing EC without requesting wich is funny
  5. Dramaria is down Why NC?, why?, Get new hamsters
  6. This. Testing events before they are released would save us from many problems, even more on new events like Tiaramanta Eye.
  7. why would you rename it? thats my biggest question
  8. Nothing to do with that, just most elyos go into evergale only to afk. The 4k points was a good idea to force elyos to be active in evergale, but still you can see in base some elyos afk.
  9. There were a lot of DC in elyos side as well. if we go with your logic, every time in evergale that elyos have massive DC is because asmos are hacking evergale and is an unfairr asmo victory?....
  10. Erm, sw is actually a support class too, just really few players goes support sw, maybe they find it boring, but sw is a support class too, they have feelings too, don't discriminate them (you will be blacklisted by all sw's and don't receive mana). Just give ranger's skill healing wings(10 mins), less CD, give the same CD as SW soaring skill (3mins). increase range of bestial from 15m to 20m at least. i have more things in mind, but well
  11. drop remains the same, i do luna with 5 characters(yeah few and not like this can give a good example, but is something), some days i get 3, some dyas i get 1, some 0, is just luck. And yeah at least change omegas from luna, so we can put them in account ware house.
  12. Really?, did you even bother to read what the player wrote he/she was not bound to coalition kisk. Clerics are really few at siege and by players like you and the one who kicked, we have even less.
  13. I was in your alliance and same group, took screenshots from boss, i can send them to you, PM me here or in game so i can send them to you if you need them.
  14. lol, are you aware that some elyos go to siege with 3 alts (or some with more). Dont forget the alts asmo use to spy.
  15. Aion is end game, you get that gear at lvl 10, to speed you up to lvl 55. At lvl 55 you get another set that helps you to not to be poorly geared when you reach the end game instances (wich is the main focus of game).
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