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  1. While they can take spots and won't use commander to help people understand siege. There are 2 other servers here, how can everyone be so scared to step up and lead. Forthyn on Siel aka Katalam will help at sieges and hes not a commander or Gov. If you skip out on trying, you're gonna quit in no time which is your fault not ncsoft. Don't let 2 player control your experience. Even on BR asmo, sieges would be led by 2 or 3 star ranked asmos using LFG chat alone. Danaria has a large population, don't tell me not a single person there has guts to lead... Complaining is a waste of time in-game or irl. Step and do something or your comments will be eventually fade into background, like how this thread will be in the back of forum eventually and no one will give a nyerk
  2. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Wish I had Gobernor title