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  1. I have received an email with the survey….which I found strange since it’s been almost a year since I stopped playing Aion….the email states that I have been “individually selected” to take the survey……maybe there is some seriousness to it since none of my alt accounts received the email. I don’t know how much value my opinion actually has…. yet I took the time to answer it……I really hope that the feedback provided is taken into account.
  2. Electronic outfit 10th anniversary emotes https://youtu.be/0Q1s7R-RjqM
  3. I don't know if you noticed but the attack and defense values on old gear don't apply, which means you have 0 attack and defense if you are using archdaeva gear.
  4. I have some questions regarding this topic: First question: I have a few lvl 1 characters that I wanted to level up but I couldn’t due to lack of time, these characters hold the support bundle from the homeward bound event so I don’t want to delete them either, if I reclaim the names of these characters after the merge would I be able to keep them? Or would it be considered “name theft” if it happens to be a name conflict? Second question: I have an alt on Beritra server that I log in from time to time but I do not level up (the character is lvl 65), it has a name I wish to
  5. Katalam was a fun and memorable map for very specific reasons: it gave players on both factions equal access to the contested zones, it gave players a reason to be on the fields, and it gave players PvP equipment that was easy to get…so everyone would compete on equal conditions, there were (of course) things that were badly implemented…but it was overall a fun experience, something that couldn’t be replicated on the maps that came after. As for the current version of the game, there is no reason to be on the fields anymore, there are no valuable drops, low xp and barely any quest to do…s
  6. We killed that invasion boss (Sturdy Kenovikan) on Siel Elyos 3 times already, only the last time I got that system message.. The boss is supposed to give the box to everyone that participated…but it’s clearly bugged, if you send a ticket to support they’ll give you the reward box…..I got it the two last times (for the first time we killed it I didn’t send the ticket) Sadly…people is losing interest on the boss….because they either don’t know how to send a ticket or simply is too much of a bother to do it every weekend. This last time we barely killed it on time…compared to the time
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