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  1. Tempered Power II?

    No they get given another set of gear to reward their efforts with older gear and they will still keep their old gear. Thats why you still see some Koreans on their profiles with level 80 Abyss accessories still equipped.
  2. 6.0 info

    Value on stuff that was lost? Like what? You want +15 provenance weapons to go for 15bill again as oppose to 3 or less bill now?
  3. 6.0 info

    That makes no sense, if the abyss pieces fall then they go towards Elysea why would Asmodae be affected. The abyss pieces would have to go against gravity to go up.
  4. what avoid in aion 5.8 before aion 6.0

    You can't really pay to win for +20. Older gear pre 5.0 you could, because all you needed to do was dump omegas and eventually you would get to +20. But archdaeva gear you have to go through enchanting from 0-15 again each time you fail in amplification. You still gonna have trouble farming those supplements unless you honestly believe paying players are dumb enough to buy 400 greater supplements for 300 ncoin which is such a rip off. Also to mention paying players would be limited by the actual supply of the item. Can't do any enchants if pieces are already bought out. I remember when +10 manastones were 1.1bill now they are as low as 160mill, if anything its just a lot of spoon feeding in from events, its just become easier. There will always be a need for instances, just because you have say harvester gear means doing AOE is pointless or something like that. You can get gear to sell to others, not just for yourself. But for Infinity shard if you get your full set, whats the point of doing it anymore. 5.x instances means your effort will always be relevant regardless of what gear you have. Removal of kinah, and trading between players extremely limited that's gonna completely decimate the economy. 4.8 wrecked the game, a lot of people quit, no one liked Enshar or Cygnea. Atleast with 5.x things get better with each patch, always improvements.
  5. what avoid in aion 5.8 before aion 6.0

    1. Leveling is much easier and less important than before. Ever since the addition of essence cores one can forget about leveling. With strong enough cores you can have 75 skills on a level 73. Luna got buffed in 5.6 with xp increase, and in 5.8 theres a lot of imrpovements in xp especially for 3 man instances where you get get more than a bill xp per run with 100% xp amulet. Not to mention we have events like Kumuki. I would understand if yoy made this complaint pre- 5.3, but right now the only reason to level is Avatar form which isn't too great. 2. How are enchantment limits a good thing when, barely anyone has +20 gear, and before 5.0 a handful had it. 3. I agree with 4. The only problem I had with the new manastones was the lack of interest but they were good if you invested in it. 5. Would be nice if they hadn't removed all those regions. 6. How was tradeable gear a problem, you still needed to do instances to get them. I don't want to go back to the days of doing 80 Infinity Shard runs just to get a full set. 7. PvP gear will come from pure PvP, the problem with that is people won't have a platform to start and they have to be good from the get go. This can lead to a snowball effect where winners will win even more and losers get dumped in the dumpster. Atleast with the current system there is a buffer that minimises the gear difference between winners and losers in pvp. This new system will mean better players will gear up faster and their win % will keep increasing. The only good thing about 6.0 is class rebalance but other than that it spells doom to Aion especially by removing economy.
  6. [Stamp] Supplements bag nerfed?

    Stamp gives standa d and greater look closely, it replaces blood mark and blood medal. I don't how you do that but you shouldn't be bothering Cyan.

    Theres nothing that can be done. NCsoft is not allowed to put 'returning' or 'new' status to a player, that's system based. Its unfortunate but if you want those temperings back alt accounts.
  8. 6.0 info

    How is running 1 client only good. Some people need to run dual client and it should be up to them if they want to and not NCsoft.
  9. Enchanting System

    Enchanting is only significant after +15, you can get away with not enchanting as manastones are stronger and there's essence.
  10. Enchanting System

    Just ask yourself do you really need to enchant the gear and 2 with archdaeva gear, at 0-1 its 100% with shining enchantment stone and greater supplements at level 10-14 its 1005 with omega and greater supplements.

    Thank goodness.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 17, 2018

    What the heck we can't apply for transfers.
  13. Satisfaction survey

    Mass deleting content, remember how the population dropped in 4.8, I remember.
  14. That's nice

    Yeah back then with eternal gear, but if I recall there were mythic PvE and PvP pieces with mythic blood Mark gear. You needed lots of epsilon and supplements, in fact you needed omegas and irridescent omegas with greater supplements. You still had to waste time and kinah on lots of back and forth rubbish. You couldn't farm supplements like we do now, you needed to pay kinah for a lot of them and Omegas were rarer then. Newer players can make do with not enchanting the gear it and leave as it is for 5.8
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 17, 2018

    Wow I thought we can start queuing for transfer before maintenance, not after. Making us wait longer than a month how can you do this?