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  1. Dude what's being done to fix this??? I can't even remember the amount of scrolls I've wasted, as well as other peoples, because of this. I get that the Devs are working on it, but at the rate they fix things, the event will be over and we wasted all this money in your BCM for nothing. We lose, you gain.
  2. Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Well I actually just got the survey, it was Luna bundle, level reduction stone, berdins and a minion contract. So going off of the list we got at LEAST 6000 points, but the minion contract isn't even listed there.. so idk. I'm more confused than I was initially haha
  4. Yo does anyone know what the community milestone results were for the Power Up Week event for Danaria? (I'm aware that Community prizes will be distributed via survey tomorrow, just want a general idea before then.) Also, what's this weekends buff? Feb 17th and 18th. Trick question: If we got the community milestone exp week event buff and somehow this weekend is double exp buff, will both of these stack during the weekend? Or will only 1 be applied? Thanks!
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