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  1. New & Returning Players: Worth??

    I predicted you would say something like this - but that is really just bias you may have by associating with people like yourself. Meanwhile in casual land, there are many people who don't even socket their quest gear with manastones or think they can socket Block as a sorcerer.
  2. A farewell to these legends.

    Brings a tear to my eye. So does all of the amazing places / soundtracks we are losing - like: Reshanta - Elyos Base and Roah/Asteria. </3 Eltnon Fortress. Epic soundtrack when you arrive. QQ. Fountain quest and the Playground area also. </3 Vertnon Beach, Farms, Forrest, and Spirit Area. </3 Sanctum - most of the city, including the bard who would play a song with vocals. </3 RIP.
  3. New & Returning Players: Worth??

    We know - you've been in here telling people this during your crusade for a new server for weeks now. But you are hardly a standard player or even most people who will be returning or checking out 6.2. I've spent $1200 in 2017 (added it all up on paypal) during the 5.0 era on Aion and will have nothing exchanged aside from one plume. But I spent more on levelling than I did on enchanting, and took a break and have decided not to play during this enchanting event because I'd rather just wait on 6.2 reviews to decide if this game is worth more time or money. A vast majority of players will be starting from scratch. It's great that you played / spent optimally but you are hardly the norm.
  4. New & Returning Players: Worth??

    I think now is a good time to return. Obviously people who have played for years will have some advantage at first, but that's how it should be. Who'd play a game if spending time on it meant nothing every patch? Also to be fair, this game at every stage of it's life cycle had a few players that were impossible to catch up to if you can't play 24/7 or later spend thousands of dollars. This was even true at launch where the average player wasn't immediately level 50 with level 50 pvp gear, that seemingly took forever to earn. You can level up to 80 really fast and many people are starting from scratch on the 6.2 gear. More people are probably starting with nothing than the few who had enough to get exchanges. There are usually large legions at the top levels with open-recruiting, meaning you can just join and immediately start making friends as soon as you near level cap. Whether you stay in those legions or not, it's usually good for a start-legion to start meeting people. You might even love it and stay.
  5. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    I don't really think so. If anything I think overall they have it pretty easy being able to level up to 80 in a few hours and get on the gear treadmill right away. I spent tons of money resetting instances for XP in 5.0+ - a shameful amount for something that is now pretty useless given how easy it will be to level. I feel worse for older players who spent tons of time and money on things that are now useless.
  6. Scrolls will just be deleted?

    It certainly didn't take one day at launch when I did it. I'm just saying - I'm fine if prior work like levelling or crafting is "sped up" and made easier, or they add new levels of mastery you need to earn. It's just a little off-putting to have the work removed entirely - seemingly on a whim. It makes me question investing in any of the game's systems as they can just hit the "start over" button under the pretense of having new players catch up. And how many new players is this game really going to get at this point?
  7. Just Bragging

    You're a monster! Killing those adorable snufflers for codex entries. *sob*
  8. Can't play Aion on my Alienware?!

    Also what is your issue exactly? I had to find a solution Cheesecake posted to get my Aion to load at all. It involved renaming an Aion.bin file. In regards to performance, Aion managed to struggle on my $4,000 Alienware. Not graphically but it somehow kept overheating my computer. Haven’t found a real solution to that.
  9. Scrolls will just be deleted?

    Pretty annoyed all the time I spent mastering Alchemy is now pointless. Can’t recall any MMO that removed people’s crafting professions entirely. Not sure why they couldn’t just make the scrolls no trade, no longer craftable, and let us use up whatever we have left. Would give people time to find an okay transform and allow people to have some speed initially.
  10. Missed the livestream. Anyone got a summary?

    I learned that Cyan is a good looking guy.
  11. Prowess Set

    I can appreciate this. I spent a lot of money on an event to get the Wind Kirrus mount, and now see you can simply buy it from NCStore for way less. I'd feel the same about a skin line like this that takes effort to earn now. It would IMO cheapen it a bit to just let anyone buy it who has $9.99.
  12. Prowess Set

    Absolutely gorgeous set! Wow! I'd love this set for my sorc.
  13. Returning player

    I think these extras are gone. I asked about things like pets and titles I got for pre-ordering years ago before the game was FTP and from what I hear none of those items can be redeemed.
  14. Prowess Set

    Anyone have links to this set? I'm a skin lover but haven't played much in the past year so want to see what I'm missing. My mains are male Sorc/SM so am particularly interested in those.
  15. New Server 6.0

    I'm also a "settler of aion" (not that I think that matters) and I don't feel a new server would help any. It would just be something that would need to be merged later. People are already quitting / threatening to quit in droves in EU over the new transformation system which essentially removed basic funtions of the game and created a new PTW system. Some quite literally days after the patch when their compensation potions ran out after a few hours. I'm not going to scour for specific quotes, but I disagree with quite a bit in here insomuch as each argument really only applies to some portion of the playerbase. For example, the grind conversation vs. quick-grind. I've had friends who joined Aion based on my recommendations back in 1.5/1.9 who got stuck in their 30s and quit the game as they figured it would take way too long to catch up to the level 50s and it wasn't worth the effort to them. Others may level fast and get bored and then leave. It's a tradeoff over the types of players you are looking for. The MMO genre is a little dated and younger players are playing things like Fortnite - a lot of MMO vets are adults with limited time so being able to feel like you got something done in a couple hours is a big deal to many players these days. I disagree that people aren't playing the game for PVE content, lore, quests, etc. I for one play for these reasons. I'm mortified as to how much of this they are removing to funnel everyone into a couple areas. The only reason this content is devalued is because the events are so OP in the rewards they give, it doesn't make sense to focus on anything else when a good event is going on. Many people actually came out way ahead doing nothing but afking during afk events. This is just a problem with their events devaluing content, not the content being worthless on its own. Personally while 6.2 will feel like it's levelling the playing field, which has some merit, I fully expect future events to throw out gear and things that later this month will require lots of grinding.
  16. Let's all help :)

    I don't really think this is the place for ANY GoFundMe / Charity regardless of cause.
  17. My beautiful seahorse

    As a current SM main, can you please add an option to select which version of our pet we see? I can’t stand the alien mermaid that replaced the majestic seahorse. I still summon my low level horse in town but can no longer use it in battle due to hating the higher level one. Edit: I would like it to be clear that I am not asking for pet transformation contracts that result in my summoning a panda.
  18. Thank you for the info. Do you know if the bard who sings "Forgotten Sorrow" was moved or is the song no longer in game?
  19. My beautiful seahorse

    I run around with my level 54 huge Seahorse, wearing my Sea Feast set and Water Dragon book, all the time. So gorgeous still. I don't even have the current level Water pet on my hotbar as it's useless and fugly.
  20. Old Forums Being Removed

    I'm glad all history of my 1000+ comments on the old forums, and the arguments I got into on them, will vanish =D Edit: Had a few RP stories I forgot to save that I no longer have on my new computer. Oh well Also a "goodbye" post full of photos and memories *snicker*
  21. As a former Roleplayer, I'm sad that the restaurant / café behind the crafting hall is probably going to be inaccessible. We had a lot of legion RP events there, along with the bar on the floating island near Steel Rake. Is that area accessible or gone as well? From a lore perspective, is there any mention of all the NPCs who I guess just died in all the zones that supposedly were destroyed? I still don't see the need to remove old areas. Today I went to Eltnen just to enjoy the majesty of the fortress there. The spirit area in Verteron is also a favorite. Plus the Ruins of Roah and Asteria in the Abyss. I just don't know how to feel about these changes.
  22. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    Actually people liked my comments. I can’t say the same about yours. When you are geared out the buffs present candies make aren’t needed. I can out dps most people without them simply because I’m geared. The super minor candies don’t matter as they are today. Anyway, since you can’t white knight without insulting people who don’t like aspects of a video game, I will be putting you on ignore. It’s one thing to diagree, it’s another to stoop to your level and I will not be baited into doing so.
  23. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    I was waiting for someone to make this inane argument. But alas, it’s simply not true that even a simple majority were permanently in candy form by and large. Perhaps some subsection of elitists but not most players. I personally, as a player who spent thousands on this game, never once stayed in candy form.
  24. is this a rumor?

    Oh me. Spending hundreds of dollars to reset XP instances from events. Lol.