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  1. I read something about EU where all Kinah in the shared bank will be destroyed. Do we need to allocate our Kinah to specific characters before the patch ?
  2. My beautiful seahorse

    OMG. Please tell me this isn’t true. My seahorse is my town pet.
  3. My beautiful seahorse

    Yes. The one we get after level 55 is hideous. It bothered me for years and should have complained sooner.
  4. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    Wow! We get to use a consumable just to view our natural appearance rather than a cartoon! So glad we don’t need to deal with the hassle of those pesky run-cast scrolls anymore and instead click on these instead.
  5. My beautiful seahorse

    I’m at the airport but an Aion SM wallpaper has the seahorse lol.
  6. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    Can we get 1.9 back where an inferno could one shot someone in the abyss? Ahh the days when sorc spells did full damage...
  7. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    “Here’s a suit we cobbled together from our many other suits that you will never see as you will forever be a deformed panda or if you are really lucky, Kromede #957. “. (I’d use a higher number but I don’t see these changes really resulting in a larger committed player base).
  8. Just need to make the best of a crappy system I still think hiding the illusions should be built into the options menu for free, but *shrug*
  9. Argument holds no water for me. There is a difference between temporarily electing candy for minor boosts, and the number who do so, and needing to transform for basic things like running and cast speed (everyone).
  10. This ignores that we can’t control if others will bother using these. The end result will be a majoirity of the world being populated by asinine looking animals or nonsensical illusions.
  11. Truth about 6.0

    So for 9 years they have had us buying skins. Some of us even spent money on multiple changes to hairstyles, etc. Yet how to see any of this while being able to move and fight, we are being taxed. The option to hide candy illusions should be an innate toggle in the options menu. It’s bad enough we are going to have to probably buy decent transforms as if is.
  12. Aion 6.5

    It’s not easy being a guy that plays cloth and chain. QQ
  13. Truth about 6.0

    Just giving my opinion. Your the one crying and can’t handle someone not sharing yours. Since you have nothing of value to add to the discussion, I’ll be ignoring all future posts from you.
  14. Truth about 6.0

    So original.... *eyeroll*
  15. Truth about 6.0

    Played since launch. Started on Lumiel - at the time the RP server and played in a RP Legion. Every character I made, even after 9 years, I watch every cut scene and fully read every quest. 6.0 sounds like garbage to me. Feels like they are just putting out minimum effort for maximum requests for cash shop purchases.
  16. That TW website is beautiful. Ours looks very dated and muted. I hope we get a nice update.
  17. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Great - I'd hope NC Soft would take into account what is best for their playerbase as a whole rather than members of a bitter faction that are enjoying the shoe being on the other foot. No faction on the two pathetic servers we have left should have to deal with this, nor should anyone have had to deal with this in the past. "What happens if a faction gets an uncooperative governor" should have been a question they asked themselves from the beginning. That being said, it sounds like you are blaming an entire faction of people because you had a bad leader, which is simply misplaced.
  18. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Actually it is. That's why NCSoft like most gaming companies have TOSes and limits in place as to what is and is not acceptable behavior. NCSoft created a system where too much power is thrust into the hands of a couple individuals. Those individuals then have the power to disrupt the gameplay of 100s / 1000s of other users. With this power should come some level of responsibility, and that level of responsibility should be defined by NCSoft. Players that have this power should not be able to speak abusively to other players or purposely stand in the way of other players' progress. NCSoft can either change how the system works entirely, or regulate the behavior of those their systems put into power. Or, I guess, they can let two trolls chase away numerous customers and suffer financially. Aion is already now the least profitable MMO that NCSoft reports on in their financials. So, it's really up to them. That Lumin's faction is presently benefiting from this bad behavior, and that he feels it is okay because his faction suffered for years, is besides the point. RE: Apolonia - I'm sorry, but suggesting that 100s of players change their playstyles to suit the whims of 2 trolls in power is not a solution to this issue.
  19. I have a relatively new 2015 Alienware computer with lots of bells and whistles (dual GTX 980s). The tower alone cost over $3000 and it’s having a hell of a time running Aion. Sometimes I can play fine, other times it crashes my computer and Blue Screens it. It’s the only game I have that does this. Has anyone else had this problem? I think I got error messages relating to the graphics cards overheating but really two 980s should be able to handle Aion. It’s starting to be such a chore getting a good session and I’m getting discouraged. I can play very new games with max settings just fine....
  20. Denaria needs a new Gov

    They sound like trailer trash IRL and need Aion to feel important. Wow - what winners - being pieces of shit in a 9 year old, dying mmo. ROFL
  21. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Can we please un-merge and go back to Israphel? I don't know what all the supposed drama is from IS people have spoken about; IS Elyos were very successful pre-merge whether we were receiving instructions from Covergirl or Benye or anyone else. I haven't been able to play since logging in to grab my names, but this sounds very discouraging and doesn't make me want to play. If what is being said here is true - well, those two people must have very sad lives indeed that they find acting like this worth spending their life on. NC will need to step in and put an end to it.
  22. Hello - I've been around since launch and had a collectors edition that gave a title, some emotes, and by today's standards some crappy gear. I also bought retail versions of Balaurea which came with 3 pets I can't get elsewhere. I contacted support and got the below: Hello,I have checked your inquiry about this matter. We are currently aware of an issue that prevents some Aion codes from showing up in Account Management and are actively investigating the issue for a resolution. This affects reusable codes such as rewards from Collector's Edition boxes as well as some unused single-use codes.I apologize for any disruption that it has caused in the mean time and encourage you to keep an eye on the Aion website for any updates at http://na.aiononline.com. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.Regards, Hasn't this been going on since 2013? I highly doubt they can still be looking into this. They can check my other characters and see these bonuses on my account. @Cyan who can I contact to make this right?
  23. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

    I vote "kinda agree" because you have things like hackers and more communication that no one would disagree with. I don't understand the obsession with Katalam and Danaria. I found them to be stressful and not all that fun. Usually it came down to whose Zerg was larger at a given time. I didn't play much at that time as those zones weren't fun to me and I enjoyed Cygnea and Enshar. Even getting BM quests done was a chore. Tons of KSing as people wanted to do them while they felt safe - when tons of the faction were all in the same spot. Then there were the long ass respawn timers and not enough mobs.
  24. If you can get any archdavea skill for you class ?

    All classes but SM: Nightmare Fear Shriek (harder to resist Fear Shriek) SM: Cleric AE Heal
  25. The Feels

    I'm Elyos so how am I wrong in saying it's dead at least for our faction. It also started on Lumiel which was absorbed into Israphel. Great to hear if the Asmos kept something going.