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  1. New Server Names

    I just hope it's not Katalam and Danaria. As romanticized as they are, basic zones that mean nothing to many players shouldn't be our server names.
  2. The Feels

    Wtf game were you playing where manastones "rarely" failed? You act as though it didn't frequently require 50 manastones to socket a 4-slot armor. Aion at launch was a lot of fun but had its issues. On the fun side we had an unofficial RP server - Lumiel. People would gather in taverns and RP. Some of the best people I met were from Lumiel RP community. This is gone now. We had forums that let you look up characters and see their gear. This function also showed you what their armor looked like. I'm miss this though people could use it to screen out undergeared players. People complained about the grind to 50 and running out of quests some levels. A lot of people quit calling it a Korean Grinder by the mid-30s level wise. Rifting in low level zones was frequent and exciting. At first. Then came the twink assassins that never left Eltnen making casual players life hell because they couldn't level. Random PvP in the Abyss was common. Sorc spells weren't nerfed like they are now. My sorc would enjoy dropping an Inferno on someone's head which 1-shot most people. Later he could Lightburst and 1-shot someone every hour. This is no longer possible as sorc damage in their highest damage spells was nerfed for PVP. Speaking of Abyss, forts had tons of PVP unlike today on IS where Asmos only show up when they get the losers Buff that makes it nearly impossible to kill them.
  3. Lvl 66+ Cleric gear help

    Depending on resources I'd look up "Reinforced Labyrinth". It is Chain armor with heal boost and a fraction of the price of Apollon. Long term Apollon is better but very expensive. It's also for levels 70-75. It also isn't that much better than Labyrinth. Labyrinth is 66-70. If you have a ton of Kinah then maybe look up Reinforced Apollon armor for the Heal Boost apollo. The prices are usually 2-5 x the price of Labyrinth though. Once you hit 69 you can usually get an AOE party and get Labyrinth drops for free. Dont bother enchanting AC gear. I don't think it has any Heal Boost and that's what you want for PVE.
  4. Collectors Edition Bonus Items

    Is there any way they could apply the bonus pets to our accounts through support on a case-by-case basis if they can't systemically correct this? There can't be that many of us who still play that would care, which is why they likely didn't make fixing this a priority for over 2 years.
  5. Collectors Edition Bonus Items

    I don't even know how that can be possible as there is no fine print on the box when you purchase it that these can be taken away. -.-
  6. Missing Quests?

    Hello - I am someone who played since launch in 2009 and recently started a new character for fun. I know Aion has streamlined some quests since the beginning, but noticed some more "important" basic quests seem to be missing. These quests would be for things like titles and also the Krall/Balaur language quests. I understand some quests have been "hidden" but I thought that just meant the icons. When I talk to the NPCs that I know have these quests, nothing shows up. Are the quests gone, or do I need to figure out how to get them to show up as options?
  7. Missing Quests?

    Thank you! This worked.
  8. Glad and Temp what to socket on set?

    New glad here - do I need HP stones at all for PVE? Especially if I'll have to tank?
  9. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I am worried about the naming issue. I've had names since 2009 on characters I actively play. I also have names that I paid $$$ for on name change tickets. Can these just be taken from me because of "first come first serve"? I'm on IS so I have 2 servers to worry about. I picked up names for BR for a few of my characters, but all are in use on KR. I maxed out on 8 character slots so can't try to protect all my characters. There should be more factors put in place to decide who keeps a name than first come, first serve...
  10. New Server Name Suggestions

    Shugo and Kinah
  11. Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

    I'm also interested in this game. From what I've gathered, the game will have a global release later this year. It is having a very limited release presently. The game also should be coming to ios, which is great as I'd like to play this on my iPad.