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  1. It's almost as though many of us predicted this would happen, only to be yelled at by a few who threatened to quite the game were there not another server opened.
  2. Like I said before, it does effect me as I have to watch this strange spray-paint hooligan class run around the game world. I don't know why you bring up real world, but in the real world I live in a community with HoAs which means people can't paint their homes hot pink or open stores in the middle of the neighborhood. These restrictions are in place to keep the community cohesive and home values high. Aion began with a very well-realized world, with excellent lore, and a cohesive theme. Now it's losing it's identity and just becoming a hodge-podge of garbage, IMO. As was p
  3. Except it started as a high-fantasy game, with traditional high-fantasy classes. Environments inspired by Greek/Roman mythology - and your fantasy knights/mages etc. Towns were magically created or traditional small villages. Then the technology classes came - some don't feel they really belong at all either. I didn't really think they did but whatever. This new class is just a bit too ridiculous for me, as is half the game world looking like a polar bear. Also the very odd urban trailer where no such areas exist in game. It's fine that this doesn't bother people - great for
  4. The problem with arguments like this is that we can't prevent what others are doing. It's a matter of whether you feel that a class like this belongs in the lore / game world, or even care. A lot of us care about things like this and even if we don't play them, it won't prevent us from having to look at everyone who is playing them. Anyway thumbs down from me on this addition.
  5. Pro: Pretty unique archetype I haven't seen in any MMO I actually played. Cons: Probably unique for a reason. WTF is this? lol
  6. Just another player-unfriendly decision. I guess it's fine for those who exclusively play 1 character, and that's about it.
  7. 6.2 is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Eagerly awaiting the day when the entire Aion NA playerbase consists of Aly, Bryos, and Shira and they can sigh in relief that no more people are around to complain about the game.
  8. I think if you are a new player, or have taken a long break - now is a great time to look into Aion. The levelling catch-up is very quick, and most people had a complete reset on gear. It's definitely doable to get into things now and not feel too far behind as the patch is new.
  9. I just hope they come back to PC. I'd love to see a sequel. I kind of want to know what is supposed to happen with the Tower and the lands supposedly drifting away. I'd also love a really fresh Aion game that is deep like the present game had been.
  10. Sadly true. lineage 2 Revolution has earned over $1 Billion USD and has only been out less than a year. Well, over a year in Korea but it’s a lot of money most games don’t earn. On top of that, mobile games overall are easier to develop with simple “tapping” gameplay and limited game worlds and skills. Low effort - high rewards.
  11. Re: Lapis There are mobile games like Lineage 2: Revolution that use Unreal 4 engine. It doesn’t have to be pc/console for that engine. That game was created by Netmarble with NCSofts Lineage license. Anyway one less game to keep on my radar.
  12. I just can't with people like Aly anymore. I have to wonder if they have been planted her by NC, or simply enjoy arguing.
  13. What’s funny is that for me this extortion had the opposite effect. I’m no longer playing Aion. I am a launch player who spent THOUSANDS on this game. I pre-ordered this game. My pre order bonuses were taken from me and no longer available. I paid a monthly sub for loyalty rewards. Those were taken from me and not available to new characters. I paid Cash for the first expansion that came with a unique pet. This was taken from me and is no longer available for new characters. I bought that god awful Aion Magazine if anyone remembers that. Rewards no longer a
  14. Fantastic list of quality of life changes. Funny in that these requests weren't really necessary until 6.2 since 6.2 made the game far less user-friendly in many QoL ways. I'd like to also request like others before me the return of at the very least an account warehouse where we can manage our inventory / kinah between characters. This feature is something I very much appreciate as someone who enjoys alts or occasionally changing mains. The current system makes me feel as though I'm wasting time on other characters when I'm not on a main.
  15. Don't try to belittle me because I disagree with you over how annoying I find the new transform system vs. candies. I did read your post - I understood it. I dislike the change. It doesn't make me "overwrought" because I dislike something. White knight more?
  16. It is a new concept to either move at base movement speed, when 22% plus Speed Scroll was standard in the old system. Similarly, you could have cast speed at 27% + Scroll was also standard without having to look like a cartoon animal. You seem like you love Aion and are very forgiving of whatever they decide to implement. I am not.
  17. And I'm sure there are many more situations where the overall minor candy stats simply made no difference - the vast majority of encounters.
  18. Because some people value small stat increases and min/max over anything else. I spent a lot of $$$ on Aion so did fine without them because my appearance mattered to me. I didn't get enjoyment looking like a candy transform so I was happy to sacrifice small, minor stats for that. I've seen many people not use candies, even very high level pvpers who could kill me in one rotation without candies.
  19. Never used candies and did fine. They weren't needed at all. The small bonuses weren't worth looking stupid. MassivelyOP revived it's "Wings Over Atreia" column and MJ (whose first major MMO love was Aion) has discussed why 6.2 isn't for her as a returning vet. I feel similar about most of her points. Aion decided to decimate the change in an attempt at getting new players and streamlining the experience. This may be good for some people but I've decided my time in Aion is in the past.
  20. Lost my leather and cloth RP / casual grinding outfits on my cleric. Not happy whatsoever.
  21. Never in my 22 years of online gaming have I encountered a system so idiotic.
  22. You know what’s not free? My limited free time. I don’t want to grind just to look how I looked since 2009. This entire system is unforgivable and was designed to annoy people into the cash shop. A player-friendly change would have been keeping speed on shoes and gloves, as was the case since blue crafted level 32 gear in 2009 and until 6.2, and maybe create all in one scrolls for magic and phys classes that combine a few of the scrolls into one click. This is an absolute rubbish system and no former love of Aion will ever make me forgive it. NC took something from us so vital
  23. My cleric is very sad. I liked collecting leather skins to wear in town. Love the skins - but don't like playing leather classes. Oh well.
  24. They said on the stream I think that they would likely come the day before/ morning of.
  25. Agreed. No respect for credit card swipers who passively win PVP matches and then parade around like they are big shit. They aren't. Also no respect for people that grief. It's fine to go kill a PVE quester once or twice but then just leave them alone if they aren't bothering you. No really need to rubbish on people just trying to enjoy themselves.
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