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  1. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    I wonder what game they will playing for the holiday break...lol
  2. New System – Daevanion Skills

    Sorry the girl in the vid is a compleat Aion Moron !
  3. New System – Daevanion Skills

    dp either one of these guys actually play Aion ?
  4. Let's discuss which class going to be the best in 6.0

    why can't they give Sins some love again?
  5. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    Do sups work on it.... ? and how good are you @ enchanting ? My luck is about average . and I'm poor... lol.
  6. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    NO word from you guys on getting the Exp event up and running ?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 17, 2018

    yeah... not like those collector things do us any good now for the most part... but not even trying to fix them is a breach of a contract ! IMHO.
  8. today last day event snowballs

    552 snow balls 3 +10... NOTHING >>>> worthless event
  9. Aion January Preview

    plz let there be a stay on line event again so you can crash my client every 5 min again... then let me spend 10 min trying to log n again.... only get to total carp from your event yet again.... Might as well play my PS4 AND x BOX 1...
  10. Frozen Magic 2017 Reward & Instance List

    Wow no post since dec 26th... this was awe full... thanks for Nothing NC... !
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 6, 2017

    Agreed said this for years