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  1. Why the outfit being added is never mentioned.....................
  2. Same situation here. What is even funnier is that Kibbelz himself asked me to send him through email the video evidence and screenshots of my tickets and yet HE didnt even watch the video LMAO this was 3 weeks ago. If not even the CM who personally talked to me in dms, made me go out of my way to send him everything in their email didnt even show interest to watch the videos, imagine those bots in support.
  3. r u really gonna ignore again this week my question about which outfit is being added tomorrow? like this is literal money we wanna give u guys LOL
  4. ok, WHAT IS THE NEW OUTFIT OF THE WEEK???? we didnt even have one last week.
  5. What is the new outfit adding this week? MOST IMPORTANT INFO
  6. If you can check your private messages.
  7. You will find them bothersome when u find out alot of bots are owned by regular players like me and you aswell. Whenever you will be in a pvp zone and someone with a gear that no one that doesnt bot or give ncsoft their houses will have. Ya know that super end game weapon you want but it costs 400m kinah? yup, botters will have it. Ya know that godstone worth 500m kinah, yup botters will have it. So its not only about the bots farming ele stones, manastones and fluxes. Its about the amount of money the owner of these bots will have and how it will make him so far ahead from everyone in gear wi
  8. Well, you should take a look at Theobomos and Brusthonin as well. And tell the support to instead of closing my ticket, take a look at the videos i sent.
  9. Wait... wut? there are no outstanding reports?! I made a freaking ticket just a week ago including 4 videos of 4 people using their main characters to bot and you tell me theres no outstanding reports in their queue?! well, not surprised. The videos i gave to the support i uploaded myself to youtube and i can see the freaking views and guess what? none of the videos was watched. So really not surprised.
  10. uptown was added, this is what they meant with school uniform... i think nvm they just added while live lol
  11. Real question, wheres the skin in the quna shop? >_> it was not added
  12. I never said they ALL were false banned. Just saying NC have mistakenly banned ppl multiple times in the past and it wouldnt be different now, they admitted also of doing it. You are the one assuming, or as u say "stating facts" of ppl being guilty when they could just be innocent. You are the one giving nc too much credit. And even if you think its useless to come here crying, which i agree, i dont think its right to just point fingers and tell them they DID something wrong and they know it.
  13. Oh yea... trust nc blindfull like that and you shall go far lol untill you get banned mistakenly and come here crying on forums aswell XD NYERK!
  14. I dont agree, we do care. But I bet 5% of the ppl banned were actually doing something wrong lol ive seen plenty of ppl botting with their main character here in this server and they still roaming around freely with top guilds stamped on their names. And about the real bots going around, they are still there.
  15. This. I am actually surprised so many ppl are just accusing their friends were hacking when ncsoft is known for banning alot of innocent ppl accidentally specially when they do ban waves, i know that cause ive been hitted b4 back in retail and they lifted my ban just some hours later after i sent a ticket.
  16. if it was 1 per week i wouldnt complain. Its 1 every 15 days.
  17. I noticed you guys been adding new outfits every 15 days... if its gonna keep like this, at least could add maybe 2 each time? its going sooooooooo slow for us who just want to have a nice one and dont like the ones added so far.
  18. ncsoft client checks if files were modified tho lol well i didnt try it myself or will, but if u say theres so many videos teaching it it would be super popular and honestly, i havent seen anyone that seemed hacking to that extent.
  19. This video doesnt seem to be made in live server, looks more like his own private server where he had admin rights. But even if IT WAS live server, this video is 10 years old, meaning ncsoft bugs/glitches have probably been fixed by now. Theres a bunch of ways to hack in aion, but this does not seems like one that actually exists.
  20. Similar? lol more like the exactly same. You guys didnt even change the skins or motions, how is it gonna be worth to buy for someone who already have it?
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