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  1. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    I improved Skill section. Now even more hidden effects are displayed. For example : <격파의 맹격> (Gladiator daevanion skill) reduces the CD of Crippling Cut, Final Strike, Springing Slice, Draining Blow by 30%. After a critical, it reduces the CD by 30% more, i.e. 60% in total. <문양 파괴> (Sin daevanion skill) rebuces the CD of Shadowfall by 70%. I also noticed that many sin's runes have increased damage and inflict fixed damage in 6.0.
  2. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    Updated 6.0 skill section. Some of the changes are : - <Signet Silence> is back - <Fangdrop Stab> silences for 1-2s instead of 2-3s.
  3. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    I apologize for answering you so late. I was busy these last days. I corrected the chain skills page Thank you.
  4. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    Good evening, I'm implementing 6.0 on mouseclic.com Right now, I'm updating skills. I made some surprising discoveries about the sorcerer : - You can't see hiding player snif snif - <Magic Assist> has been merged with Supplication (MA buff) - At level 80, we win a new magic assist ( <마력 폭발>) which replaces the old one and gives 30% cast speed - <Illusion> resists a single attack but its CD goes from 2min to 1 min. - <Remove Shock> CD goes from 1min to 30s - <Somnolence> is deleted - All sleep last less (6s instead of 8s) except for zone sleep. - Decreased <Soul Freeze> duration (5.6s) - <Erosion> and <Flame Cage> no longer share the same CD - <Root> lasts 12s instead of 20s and <Winter Binding> 9s instead of 14s but CDs have been reduced to 40s instead of one minute - <Flame Fusion> does not increase the fire damage anymore but diminishes the magic supp - <Flaming Meteor> has 80% chance to stun instead of 50% (if HD skill) - There are 2 new versions of <Freezing Wind>: <냉기 발사> at 20m with 1k dmg and <열기 소환> at 3m with 1k8 dmg. - <Elemental Ward> has 2min of CD instead of 3 but lasts 30s instead of 1 minute - <Magic Fist>, <Robe of Cold>, <Delayed Blast> and <Gain Mana> have been deleted. - <Refracting Shard> has been nerfed. - The wizard has a para with 0.5s of CD and 0.5s of duration WTF : <화염 난사> For other classes, I invite you to take a look for yourself. For the moment, you have to manually add the version and I only did the skills: Skills Chain Skills
  5. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    I updated the trad for NA 5.8
  6. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    Given the 5.8 NA release is tomorrow, I worked on the Stigma calc today. You can now enchant your stigma, gain set effect and have two more stigma slot. Thank you all for your support, I am very pleased!
  7. Mouseclic.com RETURNS !

    Hi, I'm Nimporte the webmaster of mouseclic.com. I stopped playing the game more than 2 years ago but now I'm back. The last update of the website was when the 5.0 went live on the KR PTS. So, there is a lot of work to do. In the last few days, I made the following changes : - Updated the DB to 5.8 : added items, hidden skill stats,... For example, you can check how many PvP attack you'll gain by upgrading <Boost Interpersonal Attack> - Changed the formula for the CP calc. - Added PvE Attack / Defense and took the manastone regression into account in the Gear calc. - Added the bracelet and the golden plume in the Gear calc. - You can now use your CP, add essence core and upgrade them by clicking on the essence icon in the Gear calc. What I'll add soon : - The transformation, HD skill and skill upgrade in the Gear calc. - Update the calendar If you have any suggestion or find a bug, feel free to tell me ! ^^