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  1. Newbie Friday - Few Questions

    Hi, I'm a returning player and I have few random questions. I stopped playing right before the vision sigma update. Can I replace all my current old stigmas (prior vision stigma update) to the new stigmas? Like I heard that there were gonna put an NPC that exchanges all your stigma stones with the new ones. Is this still possible?? Second question: I made a new character anyway because now it's really easy to level up. I'm already at lv55 and I think it was a wise choice so that I get all the new sets through the new quests and storyline because I guess what I had before now it's worthless (blood mark set and ancient coin set). I made a sorcerer and stigma wise I already got the full tree from the quests (another reason to easily get the stigmas since they are too expensive from brokers). I have the Repulsive Field vision stigma which I'm gonna keep because I planned a build that is gonna give me that vision anyway. so the question is where can I find the other stigmas that I didn't get from the quests? Will I receive more stigma quest and get them all by level 75? Also where do I drop stigmas so that to upgrade them? Last question: I get the effect of the vision stigma Repulsive Field. 6s shield that blocks 30k damage. But you can't move or attack so what's the point? How is that skill usefull? I believe it's a pure PvP skill but if so isn't Boon of Iron Clad better? Allows you to move and attack so you get a chance to run away or CC the opponents and I think it's a bit more efficient panic skill than the vision stigma.
  2. Aion Dead?

    I'm playing now after few years and I noticed there's no one on fast track server. I'm level 48 and I'm looking for group for Dark Poeta. I remember that I used to join groups in 2 seconds for instances like DP or DC or Steel Rake.. but now no one is playing now, looks like. Also in Eltnen was always full of alts dueling. Now there's barely someone around. What happened? It's really hard to find groups.
  3. Why there are two forums?

    Merge the 2 forums no? Move all the content to the new one maybe... I mean they did server merge I don't it's so difficult to do a forum merge lol
  4. Why there are two forums?

    So why the old one is still there? People still use it?
  5. So I just revisited Aion after 2 years...

    Did you try Tera?
  6. Why there are two forums?

    If go trhough the website it links me to this forum where I'm writing now (https://forums.aiononline.com/) But google-ing aion forum i t also directs me to the old one I think (http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/index.php) What are the differences?
  7. Shuttle Pro V2 and Aion

    Hello, I was wondering if it possible to use the Shuttle Pro V2 to keybind some skills on it when playing Aion. The Shuttle Pro V2 is a device (liek a secondary mouse) for editing mainly which allows to set some keyboard shortcuts. Basically you select the program throgh its launch file and then on the Shuttle Pro app you can select the shortcuts. I think it's perfectly possible to do this with Aion because I can assign a button of the shuttle pro to act like if I'm pressing number 1 on the keyboard. Assign a skill to number 1 and it's done. The problem is that Aion is launched through the NCSoft launcher thing. So if I assign that program to the shuttle pro it won't work in game. To make this clear I explain the process of assigning a shortcut to the shuttle pro: Let's say I want to assign some shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop. Well I open the shuttle pro configuation app and click on create new settings. It opens the file browser asking for which program I want the settings to be created. I go to my prgrams folder and selecet Photoshop.exe and it's done. Then I can just keymap the shuttle buttons very easily. So I want button 1 of the shuttle to save my project, I select button 1 on the shuttle configuration app and type in the field CTRL+S. When I hit button 1 it saves the photoshop project. When Photoshop is launched the shuttle pro automatically recognize the program and active the settings file created before. That's why it asks me to choose a directory as a first step. So is there a file (maybe a .bat) that I can for this purpose for Aion? Edit: I can't select a .bat file with the shuttle configuation app apparently.. only .exe I guess
  8. I just finished downloading Aion. I am a returning player, I was playing during the 4.x era. I'm aware of the server merge. I was in TM back in the days so I guess my toons went in Danaria right? Anyway which one is the best server in terms of population, economy, leveling etc. now?
  9. Returning Player - What's New?

    Hello, I played Aion for quite a bit few years ago. I was playing during the 4.x era, the last update I played I think it was 4.8. Just before the new stigma system. I played all classes and brought to end game an Assassin, Ranger, Aethertech and almost a Sorcerer which was the last character I played and enjoyed most. Also AT was cool, in fact it was my main character and I had the full blood marks set and ancient coins set. I just wanted to know what's new now and what to do. Obviously the new stigma system that you can upgrade stigmas etc.. I stopped playing when that update was coming out, so I kinda know about that. Are stigmas easily reperibile now? Can you buy them for a few kinah from brokers? Or do you just get them for free from NPCs or quest or what? Then, I have heard they raised max level to 75, therefore new maps. When I was playing, Tiamaranta and Katalm etc. were my favorites maps. Now seems like they don't exist anymore. I also heard of a server merge. How does that work? Did I lose my characters? Did they get renamed with a funny automatic generated name? I was in TM server. So because of all these new things (especially the server merge) I thought maybe it's more convenient to start over with a new character. I'd rather learn the new stuff by playing from scratch than go look up for updates logs and crawl forums to study what's new for an entire day or more. Even to get the rust off characters' skills and rotation I find easier to just start a new character and learn about skills by unlocking them throughout nthe gameplay. What do you think? What else is changed or new? Thank you for your help. Oh yeah! And what about Europe server? I always played on NA because on Gameforge (Europe server) I remember it was basically shit. You had to pay a premium subscription monthly to use the chat system and the broker system and do many other things. But I heard it got better now? Is that true? Or is NA still better and completely free?
  10. Returning Player - What's new?

    Wait do you mean that soon the whole new stigma system and stuff is going to be gone and everything is reverting back to the good old tree system? I think I was last playing on 4.8
  11. Returning Player - What's new?

    Hello everyone! I am a returning player and I would like to know few things... Actually everything that's new and any suggestion? I stopped playing when the big stigma update was about to happen. When Katalam and Tiamaranta was still there. What should I do now? Shall get back to my characters? I had a couple of 65s with maxed out equip (blood mark and ancient coin sets) and I was making a sorcerer becasue I really like it I think it is around level 60 with maxed out besh set. I guess everything is changed now right? Did they deleted some servers? I think I was in TM. Anyway shall start a new char instead? And what happened to my forum name? Thanks!