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  1. Is the Abyss still a thing?

    Abyss is currently dead (maybe revived later in 7.x patch?) and flying is very irrelevant now for this region.
  2. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    Anyone know if the event items to get rewards are to be rolled on in group or everyone gets something from looting mob/boss? This event isnt new, last time the items were to be rolled on untill Ncsoft changed their minds to let everyone get something in group.
  3. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Whats the point of censoring the forums? If you guys (Ncsoft and questionable staff) arent going to do anything to give a better experience and help the players. People been complaining about drop rates (Shame on you for nerfing it so hard on craft materiel farming), kinah economy (broker= kinah sink and not enough ways to make kinah), enchantment rng (Some have it worse than others). You guys arent really doing anything to ease our frustration and just simply ignore us when we try to be polite and give our concerns. People would not be talking about same thing if there wasnt a problem, is that really spam? I gave my feedback but I have yet to see any changes to done on some issues and its been long time. (I doubt they will happen soon or at all..)
  4. As much, I miss the good old days, I agree that we dont have enough people for a classic server. Best thing for game would be for now to release 7.0 as soon as possible since EU just announced it. I think you know this but Aion has a problem where players get bored of a patch very fast, so they need to release new content. I'm sure you can find a private server if you wish to visit a older version of this game. I dont know if this is just wishful thinking or you just in denial. NCsoft wont do it so all you can do is to accept it or move on....
  5. Back to the Game... Again...

    Anything from 5.x is useless now. I recommend getting the lakrum gear from the campaigns there. Its not good but it will work for COE and Mirash. And no gear wont break from enchanting, I recommend enchanting weapon and wings 1st for pve attack. Also do the crystal quests from the camps in Lakrum.
  6. I recently logged in a old account that I havent used for very long time,it didnt ask for code
  7. The problem is that there are no GMs for Aion, atleast I havent seen them for very very long time. Ncsoft stopped taking this game seriously..... Thats the main issue that caused more problems for the game. Dude, just go back to WOW, if you going to qq in capslock.
  8. Bye bye Bless Online

    I'm hoping with enough complaints from Korean players that transformation look will be a option like you can turn it off .
  9. Luna Crafting Feedback Thread

    Does anyone if there other skins added or just the 2: Light and dark follower?
  10. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Did you really not understand what I was saying? Well dont complain about getting nothing and afkers if you going to go quick entry, thats expected * I'm not going to explain how the instance works since someone already did it . You must be new or that misinformed. Either go with premade group (atleast all will be active) or quick entry and deal with it!
  11. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Well dont qq about not getting anything and afkers if you going to go quick entry, thats expected
  12. Luna Crafting Feedback Thread

    Please add Ancient transformation scroll to GS shop and maybe a choose able version of it! The Luna version is little bit too expensive (Not worth it if you want to get a certain one)
  13. Good Job but I hope you will add more stuff in Luna/GS Shop in the near future.
  14. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Well, good way to fix this would be giving extra awards to Kill Captain. Why do people afk in dredge: 1) They only there for AP. You might think 182 000 AP is not much and not worth it but for them it is 2) They only there for bundles. Finishing aint worth it for them 3) Pug groups guys only try if they know they will win. Some maybe just lazy and sick of doing dredge but still need the AP Btw dont do pug groups if you wish to win
  15. I would love to get this one. Please add it in game!
  16. Class change ticket

    This would not be a bad idea since most classes share the same gear with another class,for example. Ranger/Sin
  17. I assume this guy plays elyos since beach is at elyos's side of the map. Only way he can afk and farm if he in group/alliance and others killing the kib mobs. Mobs dont die themselves if he swears that he isnt using a botting program. No 3rd party programs? Not even to lower ping, vpn? Thats messed up if there isnt any proof needed to ban someone. I assume NCsoft uses xincode to check if someone using a 3rd party program ( maybe it doesnt work that way). Maybe try again and send another ticket to get a different gm if they respond.... Sorry that lost your account
  18. I miss skins :(

    I miss the time when NCsoft somewhat gave a crap about this game
  19. So the only reason why the other classes in 7.0 are getting nerfed just for the new Painter class? GG
  20. 7.0 incoming soon what I expecting is

    There are no developers in NA for Aion. Koreans are too busy with their own version. They did lie,same way how Hime lied that there wasnt going to be server (thats already removed/merged RIP) No surprise there since NA support thinks skins are end game stuff ( like gear lol). They have plan to add skins in game but also too lazy to manage their bcm correctly
  21. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    I dont understand why there inst a save point for stigma enchanting like for gear? Its not cheap and maybe even more expensive than enchanting a gear piece.... in 5.x there was event where you if you fail the stigma it goes -1,not to zero. I doubt we will get in the future...... With this Economy in game ,save your kinah guys,its not worth it!
  22. Fix the Engine please

    Hi, you must be new here!Be ready for disappointment. If Ncsoft cant fix a single bug thats been broken since day 1 of 6.2,then you have to wonder how many months/years would take them to fix this?
  23. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    Honestly, I would like a classic server in NA region but its going to get messed up by NCsoft if they do it Best patch for me was 4.x - 4.7(exluding 4.8 because game went boring during that patch)
  24. add permanent mounts

    umm... I wonder when will will get perma mounts from a event if we cant get them by any other way.... Anything to comment, @Cyan ? I would love to get the perma lion or wolf mount
  25. Server just shut down now with no warning lol. I was in my shugo run Did you guys wanted to do maintenance early?