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  1. Double XP : August 17 to August 19 where is boost?? when start Double XP time?
  2. And another topic ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General] Frankly now Aion problems and user problems GinaBean 2018-03-26 16:11 Views 7193 It is a real 4.0 standard and it will be more profitable than it is now, even if you make an old version and make a license for it. But if you did not go to destroyed-server, you might have continued, but there was a problem with the user. I was satisfied with the game because I did not know anything mor
  3. And another user write this Distroy 2018-01-31 22:57 Hi everyone? I am now a user who has played in the past Erezguigal server echoes It's not really long now. The more the time zone gets closer to the present, the less the comment is .... lol,lol,lol Screenshot from December 20, 2012 to January 6, 2014 The last 8 episodes were on April 12th, and I actually folded them. It was December 13th that we had to return properly. 65 I'm taking screenshots that focus on Mang Leb!
  4. So many korean user say 4.0 is best time . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning! I have been having fun in katalam times(4.0) these days. This is the first time I have taken a fortress in the fortress of Prades, The server is a quai ring server ~! and reply - use google translate -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Now korean Aion status ..;; Korean Aion forum use google translate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The most hot time zone, from 8 am to 12 pm after leaving work, the maximum number is 104 people. The amount of money to enjoy Aion enjoyment * Minimum: Transformation (Ancient) To extract the desired ancient size, 100 ~ 300$ must be written (Identification: cat, Transform and
  6. Now korean users disappoint 6.X patch and angry to that NC deceive to them. This is translate korean Aion forums that use google translate. Read and think -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been trying to find some fun while playing Aion. At some time, however, fraudulent operations and planning allow users to spend money I did not enjoy the content or ser
  7. Korean User's Reaction lol https://imgur.com/a/F39Xu
  8. Really? Not kidding? We can't use 'Running Scroll' and 'Scroll of Courage' . If you want to use doping system - only cash. This is very well balanced??
  9. - BY Korean AION community - It is stated in the Korean dictionary that " goods are money or valuables, and can be paid for ." We pay NC $ 20 for the ticket price we have set, and we invest our time, effort, and a little stress (?) I got the in-game "Kina", and I also got PVP items and PVE items. Now this patch is for users to ignore the amount of time, effort, and effort they have paid. As we have said before, goods are "the goods that are paid for by money or value-for-money" . By the way, I changed the "Kina", which is a commodity, into a "go
  10. Why I can't talk NPC? So strange ... 3 hours ago have no problem... but now I can't talk all NPC. I repair my client... But also can't need patch?
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