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Manastone: Magic Suppresion +50


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7 hours ago, Bryos-KT said:

They are expensive because, realistically, you cannot get them anymore.

I thought they made it so you only need 2key for linkgate no? Also that siezed danaria w/e its called drops them fairly frequently just no one runs it. And or do not get loot because level 75 not sure.

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20 minutes ago, Lumin-DN said:

All eternal grade ancient manastones were removed from the game's loot tables when 5.0 hit.

All Msup50's in existance are grandfathered in.

The best Msup stones you can get now are blue 35's.

That's actually not true you can still get Msup 50s From invasions that spawn in Levinshor/Enshar 

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