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How far is Aion Classic Going?

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I apologize if this was posted before, I just found out about Classic Aion a week ago. I was telling my wife how it killed my first marriage.    

No, to be honest I was a huge fan, I couldn't wait to get home and go on a seige.   I wasn't very good at PvP but i still had fun.   I was a member of a Legon called Royal Flush.  I think the server I was on slowly died out and i just quit playing after that. 

Anyway so back to my question?  How far are they taking this?   I can see Balaurea on the map, its not accessible, so are we going to get that?   Id be happy with That.   I think the cap was level 60 back then.   


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Hello Mr. Originally, Aion Classic is thought to be upgraded from 1.2 patch to 2.7 patch on time. 2.0-2.7 (balaurea) will open access to all lv 55 capped content. For now, classic is not thought to go any further, but it will directly depend on Korea. As far as I know, they proposed the idea of taking a different direction from original Aion after 2.7, but that's not confirmed at all. 

Nowdays, Korea is doing pretty decent, if not amazaing with classic servers. They have huge playerbase, with many servers. The just got 2.0 upgrade today (or yesterday for them). Our current server in NA is running 1.5 right now, yet there's no further info about 1.7 update any sooner even if we expect it to be not as delayed as 1.5 was, sadly. The reality of the server is, population is by far not as massive as Korea, and that was like that from the very beginning. Today we are playing with about 1-1.2k players on peak, on Siel server. Israphel server is pretty dead, so they are considering to merge that server with Siel (honestly it should be 1 single server from the beginning). 

There's still many things to do, and if you actually want to play it, I hope you fully enjoy it. Kinah is really hard to get, drop rates are so low in general, especially on Theobomos Lab and Draupnir Cave, kinda frustrating sometimes but its part of the game... 

There's a monthly pass that can be upgraded to premium for $30, every month. Also, in order to fully enjoy the server, getting Siel's Aura ($15 monthly sub) is a must. It's never late to join up. Many ppl will say not to try it at all because its dead blabla, and forum is pretty much full of negativity about it. But if you really like it, I recommend you to play. Every new players is welcomed.

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Thank you.   I do enjoy playing!  Like I said I loved aion in the beginning.  I think what honestly killed it for me before was my PC crashed, I got a divorce and the rest was history.   :)   Looking forward to playing again even if there is nobody else lol.  

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