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Bug or not? Tahabata drops an item that cannot be found on google.


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When you kill Tahabata, the whole group gets an item called "Tahabata's Mark" (string ID : 781664)

This item has the following description : 


A mark given to a Daeva who has defeated Tahabata Pyrelord.\nYou can start crafting by using the Design: Fine Tahabata Box.

The thing is, there isn't a single mention of it on google. So I took a dive in the game files to understand what was going on. With a CTRL + F, this is what I first found


Since we now have the description ID, I checked where it was used. It is used in the item with the ID 188052084


When used ingame, [item: 188052084] actually shows <Tahabata's Mark> . But when used in a database, this is what shows up :


So something is wrong there. To try to understand a bit more, I tried to understand what the "Fine Tahabata Box" was too. It turns out that in the game files, it is a design that every craft has access to.

If you try [item: 152203535] or [item: 152203537], it will show 



but if you go to a database, you'll get stuff like this :


Any idea?

Is it a bug? If it's not, how do you get the Fine Tahabata box design?

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Hi, it's not a bug, it's probably a new stuff they implemented for Classic only. On the other hand, you are looking on an obsolete database for sure, the only one Database working and constantly updating for classic stuffs is the one from aioncodex. 


You can check tahabata marks there, and what it is used for.

Also, you can see in the next video that this is something that exists even in Korea Classic servers.


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On killing Tahabata each group member is able to loot a mark. By using seven marks one can craft a fabled box which has a chance to proc to eternal. On opening the fabled box one recevies a random box either containing a weapon or an armor piece as well as up to two faded marks. Using 36 faded marks one can craft the eternal box directly. So if you are the unlucky type, you should be able to craft the eternal box in 36 weeks.

Also a side note: do not craft the box while having one point only in that profession. Get it to twenty.

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