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Weekly Server Maintenance - November 17, 2021

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7 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

We assume it is for Classic because of the rewards, level 70 enchants, shards, awakening scrolls and it also mentioned discounts on candies on BCM etc.

Not sure if it does work on classic of course because I personally don't play there, I rarely log in when I am bored.

It’s funny but if you type “black” in the Retail BCM search, it gives this bundle as one of results.

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And forums need a split immediately. I click on "unread content" and I keep reading about awful drop rates on classic. They should at least have a prefix to every unread post about whether it is class

We all "hope" we get prime runes and dazzling gems like last time or minions... something decent plz....

Does ANYONE  in NCWest play this game to see how ridiculous  this event is? Does NC want players to enjoy the game or be frustrated and just delete the game? Do your part and at least try ou

27 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

It’s funny but if you type “black” in the Retail BCM search, it gives this bundle as one of results.

I tested it and it bugs the BCM, you can only close it and reopen it to unstuck. The same thing happens with the black sheer skins. They do not even have an icon to see what they look.

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On 11/20/2021 at 11:38 AM, Shampoo said:

@Kibbelz So anything on that, 3 weeks(ends) since you posted it and still no EXP/AP event boost being extended?

"Has been" is traditionally used as something already done, not work in progress or planned in the future. Also @Loki.

@Kibbelz On the pixel event, we are getting to end of year time, or its going into "as we had two years ago" territory?


@Kibbelz@Loki I would still like an answer on these.

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14 hours ago, Beverly-DN said:


You have been able to claim it in the aion classic? if not, how to know if it is for the classic or not, I can see it in the shop too, but I can't claim it.....



How to Claim the FREE Black Friday bundle on Classic:

  • Open up the Quna Shop (purple cube on the UI)
  • Click "View All"
  • Click the shopping cart icon
  • XASD6Rl.jpg
  • Click Purchase in the pop-up window
  • Jfprn4J.jpg
  • You should get a message that your item was delivered.
  • Go to the nearest in-game mailbox to claim your item.
  • uZpc8vT.jpg


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22 hours ago, Shaidessa-KT said:

On Retail:

These are bugged and can only be found via the search function on the BCM.

Clicking on them will lead to an endlessly loading page.


None of the newer items on the BCM have a preview image because NCLazy.

What is this discrimination ? Why classic got a free package and retail didn’t ?? We want free package !!! @Kibbelz

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