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Skill Reset (Recharger) in duel room

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Some of you may have played !aion, where there was a map with a skill recharger where you could do and duel pretty much endlessly.

I would love something like that in Aion, in a mutual faction area so there's no AP loss/ Gain, just for people who don't want to sit and wait for CD's and can just duel and duel and duel.

I can't imagine it being too hard to implement, though the one concern I have is resetting skills and then going back out into OW. There would need to be a way to stop that from happening, maybe a limited cooldown on entering the area again once you've left or something.. 

I know this won't happen, because NCsoft very rarely listens to suggestions like this.


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this wont happen because NCWEST does not do any developpement of feature for the game , they just take care of event / maintenance / forum and store related stuff.

NCSOFT korea calling the shots , NCWest just get a usb key and patch up stuff that they get sent.

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We can voice some things like localization, drop rates etc. We can barely make big differences in the core of the game at least not these types of "hay make that mini game for us".

Change does happen because of player feedback, but it happens within years of patches and the developers are pretty slow on listening to the players

One of the most prominent things that changed was the AP -> GP immigration and then the seasonal GP reset. All of these were because of player input on the issues that arose from that and that change needed many years to actually happen.

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