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World boss of Apsaranta

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*Laughs in Asmo*

Oh, the tea is getting goooood.

Ah just saw that. Welp Shedim wanted to feed their alts and protect their hackers so people got mad about it then decided they have big ds to go against the whole faction calling it *healthy competiti

18 minutes ago, Venser-KT said:

Can we have some asmo tea too? 👁️👄👁️

I don't really remember the whole Asmo drama lore Q_Q, I left WB discords. 

The one thing I do remember is that certain legion (that used even to lead-ish), most of their members don't speak English(?) and presumably uses 3rd part programs.

When their leader was confronted the hacking part, they rather defend those members and remove themselves from league and do WBs on their own. 

Not idea how is going for them or for the league. 

Honestly, for me they were kind of a joke. So many laughable jokes from stuff they did, like commander xform and die in 3 secs, or do HoA 5man with one healer in the first or second week of the patch. And still having the audacity to link the weapon on LFG. 




@Malloc-KTSpill the tea, I don't remember much. :<

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14 hours ago, TrinityStarr-KT said:

Lets get this correct because you continue to be dishonest about things, that isn't how it was offered to me or cosita,  on the 2nd ardeth we went too you stated "my people are getting tired of carrying and are starting to complain because they are doing the work"  your solution was to get one boss for one and then do the other as a league,  so that one would get one alone and the other would go to the league,  cosita and I both disagreed to that because it wasn't going to be fair,  if it had been 1 each that would have been fine but that wasn't what was offered,   Then after talking for a bit we came to a agreement that we would give the league some time to get it down and learn it,  everyone agreed (lion even stated to let it go a few more world bosses then revisit the issue), very next ardeth ya'll "dropped the league"  Which is fine that's your choice but stop going around and telling people you offered a 1 to 1 deal because that wasn't the case at all.  But this is typical behaviors can't ever be Elyos vs asmos,  always have to be some faction drama so it is what it is,  But if your going to greed something at least be honest about it and own it not try and play the "we tried to make a deal"  But hey its at least made people play longer in this patch because of the competition.   

So want to clarify some facts. 

- Did you know that the original deal was for One, TP and Endline to take one boss and Clarity and Luminance to take one boss, so it wasn't strictly One gets a boss.
- Did you know that One also offered to come PVP for Clarity and Luminance bosses if needed?
- Did you know that the current league isn't just One? It actually consists of One, Legendary Warlords, Endline and currently in talks with Apex joining? 
- Did you know that while One took the gamble to tackle Arduth alone with the risk of not getting the boss, there was a previous agreement that Demaha and Katalam would be open to the server. But it was Clarity and Luminance that banned One and Endline from the rest of the world bosses and well as using racial slurs against members of our league?
- Did you know the boss AFTER one dropped the league, Luminance and Clarity brought out 101 people vs 35 people in the other league and still lost? 
- Did you know prior to the successful first kill, One spent hours days practicing the boss before the other legions even tried. Clarity came to practice some, but Luminance didn't show up to practice until AFTER the first kill. 
- Did you know that the current world boss count is 24 One/Endline/Legendary Warlords, 1 Luminance/Clarity/LFG, and 2 Old League.
- Did you know that Clarity and Luminance participated in the league that monopolized the kill over 700 world bosses in the previous patch and didn't have a problem with it then?
- Did you know One was actually the ones that reached out the olive branch to DN servers first? 
- Did you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your legion first? I don't know why everyone is up in arms about it. 
- Did you know, I am Lion? 

Let me know if you want more facts. 

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You are asking for Kibbelz to help the elyos community? Really? Are you also going to ask Kibbelz to help the Asmo community for the same reason?

I am sure you would be glad if it was your legion that constantly took it.

You are not asking the GMs to "help" the elyos side, you are asking for them to punish the legion that is dedicated and strong enough to keep winning something that is open to everyone.


If it was a matter of number difference between factions I would understand it, you are literally asking them to stop an Elyos legion from being able to get it so another Elyos legion gets it.

Listen to yourself.

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3 hours ago, TrinityStarr-KT said:

441 words of rubbish (trust me i checked) unknown.png

TLDR: The point is You are unreliable asf. You keep changing stuff up to suit your narrative.

I heard now u pming ppl saying the Sale didnt happened and its a sham


Bonus Content for your Viewing Pleasure

Throwback to the time Petty Trinity logging Temp to ''block'' ZM from being commander. Proceeds to fail to do that after siege, and while on discord when his vandal legionmates didnt get full reward, proceeds to pm me asking whats my ap rune -  then went off on discord on how to get +10 ap runes. (Too bad I didnt ss his pm #RegretsOnMyDyingBed ) but heres a snipet from his legionmate


Also throwback to the days he started pming ppl bout how One gonna kick them from league (as soon as he heard ZM and/or ZM Family WAS RECOVERING FROM COVID so ZM wasnt on much). 



Also throwback to the day he popped off about ''not receiving'' Financial Support cuz too rich


@TrinityStarr-KTYo my man should I go on and move into my secondary SDD?

Like I said, if your a jackass like me just admit it. Stop twisting and turning shit up to look politically correct and saintlike.

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16 hours ago, Queen-KT said:

Are you actually going to compare premade asmo group with random lfg group in WORLD BOSS post just bc you saw my name ? fu***** sad existence if you want to compare dicks come to Apsaranta world boss and we will see how long you will survive lmfao rando noname gonna screenshot 4 patches old instance and hunting your ego on AFK group ? Get a fu**** life 

Ours was a random lfg group too. Karma at its best - 5mins after you told other elyos to get good you came in and got rolled then quit after one fight.  You had some good players Applea and them know how to PVP. I was simply highlighting your hypocrisy. As for Apsa world boss our time will come. For the record I have no ego and I find it creepy when a guy beside you in the stall starts looking down at your stuff. Anyway excuse everyone for interrupting this thread.

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they still don’t get tired of crying on the forums without getting answers and then there’s a p2w event and they spend hundreds of dollars while they keep spending their dollars they don’t care if they cry so they ignore them as masochists🤣🤣

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On 12/5/2021 at 6:26 PM, Unbuff-DN said:

@Malloc-KTSpill the tea, I don't remember much. :<

Ah just saw that. Welp Shedim wanted to feed their alts and protect their hackers so people got mad about it then decided they have big ds to go against the whole faction calling it *healthy competition* ( i am sure google translate did that for them).

As for the league I guess we doing alright mostly working together but we are only a few. Although I kinda enjoy working with each other and I haven't seen that for a very long time. I mean since 2012 only Panestera was one of the occasions we were working together.

Certain individuals form asmos are generally very dramatic but they are mostly gone now so all good.


In regards to Apsaranta it is in general very challenging. Asmos morale is at its lowest along with numbers. Historically asmos were not very good in following instructions but it is getting better. Last time i checked we were 20 people short not considering the gear gap.

Finally bout hacks and all I will just let the meter speak on its own. Gameguard took about 4 years to be implemented on NA servers and only a day to be bypassed by vanilla. Hackers  may get the advantage of skipping the animations and all but I guess they well never be remembered for anything else but their hacks such as.unknown.png?width=741&height=360

Note: Lets be real Elyos have a huge amount of plates and heals while we ask our chanters to cross heal haha !

Note2: You got to admit that you are mostly carried by Beauty's group !

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