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GameStop Rewards Card


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Hello fellow Daevas & Archdaevas!

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be looking to purchase new or used consoles, video games, and accessories for ourselves, significant others, or family members.  With that in mind, I'm here to offer my GameStop rewards card to you to get discounts on all your used needs (and lets be real, people don't care if its new or used, only if it works).  My card allows you to get 10% off prices on all those used items, 10% more in-store credit when you trade-in old games or consoles, and buy 2 get 1 free when it comes to used games.  Now you might be saying that this is too good to be true & that I'm obviously getting something out of it because nobody does anything from the kindness of their hearts anymore.  Well you are right.  Every $1 spent using my card gets me 20 points to redeem for stuff at their rewards center website.  I've been hording my points to save up for a Harry Potter beanie for myself and would love to have it soon but it seems like its going to take me a million years to earn enough to get it because the darn thing is 10k points lol.

If you are interested in using my rewards card though, send me a private message on here and I'll message you back the phone number to give them at GameStop to get your discounts & help me get my HP beanie :D

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