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After Update AION Tells me to disable my antivirus so I can play the game :l


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Just updated my game and tried to play normally and I got this message. For real NCSoft? In 2021 you basically is going against your own ToC and want people to DISABLE their antivirus so they can play the game? What year is it? 2005? Am I playing RAGNAROK PRIVATE server or what? Please find a workaround SOON.



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I never had the opportunity to join the forum cause to be honest I knew how bad the communication between the community and the staff were. 
After this update though I just had to create a forum account so I could post it to raise attention to what's being done with this game that I truly care about. 

I'm hoping for the better when it comes to compatibility. 
Also this game performs poorly in Windows 11 under new setups.

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On 12/1/2021 at 11:02 PM, Zappies-DN said:

I posted in other thread, but just google gameguard and scroll down to "update fail" to get list of fixes.

You can submit a ticket too choosing GameGuard as the problem (See below):


it has been few days i have submitted a ticket and i havent got any reply yet.

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