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Returning Songweaver, need help 🥲


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Hiya @SpicyChicken, late reply but here's the short version:

The transformation system is particularly unkind to Songweavers. If ever given the option you'll want Frigida/Triniel's Apostle/Yustiel's Apostle legendary transform because Songweavers have slow attack animations behind cast skill chains. Once you get an ultimate transform it's fantastic but prior to that it's a bit of a struggle-bus. Moreover, it is important to consider why you want to play the class. A common issue returning users have is trying to get an experience out of a class which that class no longer offers due to years of skill changes and class rebalances.

I'm not saying don't play a SW, but don't staple yourself to the class just "because I was one last time." That's the biggest mistake most people make, honestly.

Assuming it stil does what you want,
1. Gear. Gearing is pretty linear now. Levels 1-79 are a super fast tutorial and level 80 is where the gear and stat grinding begins. You'll get a full set of +15 Tier 3 PVE gear from completing the Kerub tutorial missions at Level 80. You will also get 2 glyph boxes per character, and glyphs can be moved accross the account via the account warehouse.

The gear you'll be aiming for is the Ultimate Fighting Spirit armor (call it Tier 4 for short) set from Apsaranta. The accessories and feathers will vary on if you plan on being a support or DPS SW. DPS SW will utilize the Ultimate Scarlet Luminance set from IDD Hard Mode and Primeth's Forge Hard Mode, whereas a support SW would generally opt for the Ultimate Bursting Altar accessories from Altar of Ascension; as the latter can have Healboost stats rolled on them whereas the former are locked in DPS stats. All three of these sets are used for PVE and PVP simultaneously.

2. Stones. For a DPS SW you'll probably stack magic attack since our strongest skills have "Low Critical Chance" modifiers, and our wombo combo includes an effect which guarantees 1 crit. You should reach between 25%-30% crit from your gear retuning anyway, so stacking matk to make sure every hit you do hurts seems to be the way to go. For Support SW I would assume healboost stones unless you're mixing a healboost set with a defense set like Evasion/MR. Physical Defense and Magic Defense sets are unusable in the current meta because matk and patk stats reach higher than the def you can stack.

I'll leave it at that for now but if you are still here I do wonder; could you tell me what about a SW you enjoyed and makes you want to go back (for example: 'I like how they can hybrid', 'I like that they have the fastest rez in game', 'I enjoy solo-healing PVE dungeons', etc etc)? Like I said above, there might be a better class for you depending on what you want 😉



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Hey 💗 Thank you for the tips and for taking the time to reply 😃

Well I like many things about the SWs hahaha I haven’t try PVPing yet so I wouldn’t know how much it changed since the last time I played the class (I think I left when the transformations were introduced) Regarding PVE, I’m still having lots of fun 🥰 although I don’t like having to sacrifice my healing boost for more M.attack 😭 but I guess it was necessary since we were pretty OP back then (and still are 😎


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