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Event Feedback: A Clueless Christmas

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RE: My last community feedback thread, NCW would look to any outsider like a completely clueless publisher because they keep handing us generally good minigame content perfect for a seasonal event and then stack the reward list with garbage that we cannot even choose from. Even if someone wanted to grind this on alts or even do it daily on their main just for the passion and love for the holiday cheer, they could not manifest a reward worth the time they put in.

The event's best offering: 1x Empyrean Lord Holy Water. THIS IS A GREAT FIRST STEP! Unfortunately, you have at best a 1/10 chance of getting a single water per attempt and you need 15 at a time just to advance single levels. The Holy Waters are completely immovable from the character you get them on (despite their normal counterpart being storeable and brokerable) and to top it all off the relic resets in the first month of the new year. You can't grind them, you cannot play your alts for them, you cannot earn enough to make any meaningful difference, and you will lose whatever progress you make in a month. FINALLY some patch-specific content, but worthless because of the means of acquisition and the conditions of ownership.

  • Where are the Oath Tablets?
  • Where are the Io Crystals? (*more than 1 at a time please)
  • Where are the Wraps?
  • Where are the Refining Stones and Sanctity Potions?
  • Where are the transformations?
  • Why is our only relevent reward limited to its smallest possible quantity and then limited further by being stuck on the character who earns it, and being limited further by not giving the player the chance to choose that reward rather than the random nothings they will surely get instead from the vending machine?

This event completely fails to give people a reason to participate; it takes away precious time you could spend progressing elsewhere. We have a pretty looking AFK zone, and that is unironically the best value it has delivered.

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They badly need to at least fix the Oath Tablet npc so it gives 10 vs 1. This event mostly a skip, just do quest fast and get 5 berdins maybe though only little ones. 

A small number of people are making a fortune off wraps, though they work hard for it, it isn't very fair not everyone has tonnes of accounts. At least they are semi-reasonable in that you only need 2, unlike Oath Tablets where need dozens on average to get an ultimate oath. (10+ billion on Asmo side). 

Adding more IO crystals would solve the oath tablet problem. Maybe increase the amount obtained from extraction of Fighting Spirit armor to 60+ instead of 17 etc...

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Also, where is the [Motion Card] Skating? why can't you guys just put a motion that a lot of people waited for a whole year in the game? @Kibbelzif you guys don't want to bother putting it on events, just put it on the BCM you will get an easy cash grab like you usually do :). it has been said a lot of times, and i'm gonna say it again, PUT COSMETICS ON BCM you have no idea how much we are starving for costumes and motions on this game. You have TONS of great skins and motions yet you guys don't even want to care about it. The costume rotation that was held by Cyan years ago was one good way of putting cosmetics on the game. Or you guys can put it on events so that it could give people a reason to participate.

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BCM should have been full of cosmetics and motion cards, even the seasonal ones that we get for free from events, someone might miss it and pay for it.

I still am waiting for them to announce the snow ball event we got every year. It is like a tradition.

They used to have a similar event later close to eastern with matryoshka dolls which they had for a few years until they stopped bringing it.


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the mind boggles with how they run this game and how tone deaf alot of these events are.

there is so much oppurtunity for them to be making money by putting stuff on the BCM or rewards within events to feed BCM sales, doesn't even need to be overly p2w. basic items so we can actually feel like we progress from week to week instead of relying on crappy rng or decent skin selection, which people have been screaming out for since forever....   

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I have contact info for the top executives (including the very very top) at NCSoft in Korea let me know in private if you need it. I think I have the guy you want too leads strategy for entire NCSoft universe. Obviously I can't make it public here but their info is in the public domain for shareholders, partners etc.

If you rather go by NCWest and their official contacts (probably generic email):


Hey they have a zillion job openings too if you want to fix things from the inside ;)

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