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Parry build for Cleric for PVP


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Not at all the only end game mana stones you should be going is hp, block, mr, and mb with different sets, it's not worth it with other stats being better.

With pvp for a cheap way to soccet is with block and go that way instead of mr 

And go the 30e cloth for block but it does need to be +15 to be worth while

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Parry will give you an average damage reduction (only against physical attacks) up to 20% .   ie. 40% chance to get 40% damage reduction.

Block will give you an average damage reduction (only against physical attacks)  up to 25% .   ie. 50% chance to get 50% damage reduction.

Both builds require you commit to packing all you gear with the relevant manastones, and it will make you hopeless against magic attacks.

In Dredge, the preferred cleric builds are either HP or MR.

HP will keep you alive longer against both types of attack.  Works well if you run 2x clerics that stand well apart, so one can dispell the other.

MR will stop you been shutdown by sleep, fear, silence etc.  But it also requires you pack MR stones completely and seek out high MR accessories. You need about 1,800MR.

If you are not doing PvP then HP build is probably the most practical.


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